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Bingo! is a Facebook bingo app that allows you to play this popular classic game totally free. With more than 404 monthly active users, Bingo! claims to be the largest bingo Facebook apps and we have to admit that we have yet to come across anything else that has as many users as Bingo! This Facebook bingo app, unlike some other applications has extensive instructions on how to play, a useful tool for those of you who haven’t played before.

There are many Facebook apps that are called ‘Bingo’ and to ensure that you visit the one that we are talking about, you will be able to see the game in play at the bottom of this review to guide you to the correct one. However, we can also tell you that the developers of the Facebook bingo app are Spicerack Media Inc, so this should also help you establish whether you are playing the correct game.

Bingo! appears to load and run smoothly but with all games of this kind you may occasionally come across a problem. Bingo! have listed an extensive set of the most common problems that you may come across and solutions to them and details of these can be found in the help section.

Bingo! Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

All new players to Bingo! start playing in the Coffee House and when you enter this room you will be greeted with a pop up that will take you over the basics of the game. Use your Card Credits or Bingo Bucks to purchase your bingo tickets and you will soon be up and playing. However, the pop up guide will take you through a practice game before you play for real.

The Coffee House at Bingo! offers 75 ball bingo and when you enter the room you will find the chat window on the left and the bingo call card will be to the right. When you have purchased your cards, wait for the game to begin and match the pattern shown in the room to win. There is usually more than one winner with Bingo! and as the winners come in they will be listed on the far right. Bingo! does not offer auto daub feature so you will need to bear this in mind when you decide how many cards to buy. Buying too many can result in you not being able to mark them quickly enough and consequently, you could miss out on calling Bingo! If you do get Bingo, you will also need to manually call and this can be done by clicking on the ‘call bingo’ tab at the bottom of your winning card.

Special Features

There are no special features offered by this Facebook bingo app that can help you achieve bingo any easier or quicker. However, there are lots of rewards available at Bingo! and many of those are special features in themselves. Of course, you are able to invite your Facebook friends to play at Bingo! with you and you will get rewarded with credits for each one that joins


Tournaments are regularly available for players to take part in at Bingo! Often you can find details by visiting this Facebook bingo apps wall, but also you will see a banner in the lobby which is situated beneath the play tabs. This will bring all the latest information on updates to Bingo! as well as important competition and tournament news.


Rewards are plentiful with this Facebook bingo app and this helps to keep the game much more exciting. You get free daily credits at Bingo! However, these do not carry forward the next day so you will need to make sure that you use them on the day that they were issued if you don’t want to lose them.

If you get bingo you will win tokens and these can be spent in the store to purchase prizes. Complete a collection and you will get more Bingo! credits. Everyone starts off on bronze with this Facebook bingo app but as you complete your collections you will need to move up the bingo rooms to compete for the tokens for the other collections which will get you even more Bingo! credits.

Bingo! Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo! in play simply click the image below.

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