If you see a site being advertised as running on standalone or proprietary software, it simply means that it is unique to that brand and you won’t find it anywhere else. There are quite a few brands out there that have followed this route including bgo Bingo, Bingo Godz, Rogers Bingo, and probably the most successful – Tombola Bingo.

The Tombola Bingo software is one of the best out there, offering a wide range of unique games that you can only play at Tombola. They are extremely innovate when it comes to the look and feel of everything that do, and this has resulted in an army of loyal fans who get to enjoy fun packed games such as Cinco, Pirates, Hamster Race, Roller-Coaster and Battleships to name but a few.

Gala Bingo also deserves a mention, because as you would expect from one of the biggest names on the market, everything they offer is of the highest quality and geared towards making their players as happy as possible. Rogers Bingo on the other hand have worked hard to integrate social networking into their software and it has proved a real hit with their roomies, with nice little touches such as games taking place once a certain number of tickets have been sold instead of at set times and dates.

Proprietary software is certainly the way forward for brands that want to make themselves stand out from the crowd. With so many new sites launching on a weekly basis, and most of them opting to be just another re-skinned copy of a networks standard affair, finding a site that offers something different is exciting and like a breath of fresh air!

Proprietary Software Functionality

  • Varies from brand to brand dependent on software.

Sites Using Proprietary Software

Below are just the sites that we have reviewed here at BallsUp Bingo which are powered Proprietary software, there are several others available on the Internet.

Bingo Godz
Rogers Bingo
Tombola Bingo

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