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When you play online bingo at one of the many bingo sites that you have to choose from when entering the world of internet bingo you will find that many use the Globalcom bingo software. The Globalcom bingo software is now owned by 888 Holdings; a fairly recent acquisition for the 888 group. So what kind of features can you expect to find on the Globalcom bingo software and which internet bingo sites use this platform.

Three of the best known names in the internet bingo industry use the Globalcom bingo software; Foxy Bingo, 888Ladies Bingo and Wink Bingo. These three sites are all known as standalone sites; they don’t “network” with any other sites. When you enter the chat room of Foxy Bingo you will be playing online bingo on the Globalcom bingo software platform but you will only be playing with bingo players who have registered at that bingo site.

The Globalcom bingo software is also used to power all of the networked sites under the “Bingo Manager” hat; sites like Bingo JetSet, Posh Bingo and Bingo Fabulous are all networked bingo sites using the Globalcom bingo software.

888 / Globalcom Software Functionality

  • Any internet bingo site offers their bingo players the option of either manually marking their bingo cards or letting the computer do it for you.
  • The maximum ticket purchase per game is 96
  • Chat rooms available with pre-programmed smilies and shortcuts like “wtg”, “ty”, and “gl”
  • Hosted bingo chat rooms
  • Multitude of side games available
  • Best card sorting
  • Countdown to bingo
  • Change bingo cards before purchase

Many of the Internet bingo sites using the 888/Globalcom bingo software are now also offering a pre-purchase facility for the big guaranteed games; the biggest guaranteed jackpot game is currently hosted at Foxy Bingo.

Sites Using the 888/Globalcom Software

Below are just the sites that we have reviewed here at BallsUp Bingo which are powered by the 888/ Globalcom software, there are several others available on the Internet.

888 Bingo
Angry Bingo
Biggest Bingo


Bingo Cove
Bingo Fabulous
Bingo Hollywood
Bingo Jetset


Bingo Loft
Bingo Lottery
Bingo Scotland
Bingo Street


Brits Bingo
Bubble Bonus Bingo
Butterfly Bingo
Cheeky Bingo


Circus Bingo
City Bingo
Costa Bingo
Cupcake Bingo


Diva Bingo
Fancy Bingo
Farmyard Bingo
Foxy Bingo


Foxy Zero
Frozen Bingo
Glorious Bingo
Hippo Bingo


Hunky Bingo
Iceland Bingo
ITV Bingo
Kiss My Bingo


Little Big Bingo
Loony Bingo
Lucky Charm Bingo
Moon Bingo


Nutty Bingo
Pink Ribbon Bingo
Polo Bingo
Posh Bingo


Red Bus Bingo
Rio Bingo
Robin Hood Bingo
Rollover Bingo


Season Bingo
Silk Bingo
Sing Bingo
Sparkling Bingo


Sparkly Bingo
Tasty Bingo
Tea And Bingo
Telly Talk Bingo


Think Bingo
Tickety Boo Bingo
Top Ten Bingo
UK Bingo


Wink Bingo
Wish Bingo

This page will be updated regularly as more brands are launched using this software.

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