Parlay Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment in our opinion is one of the poorest software platforms on the market, and one that has had a lot of problems in the past. Luckily it is only used by a handful of brands these days such as Astro Bingo, Palaces Bingo and Parks Resorts Bingo. They are licensed in Alderney but have also been granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission to “develop, supply, install and adapt gambling software in the UK”.

They were once the preferred software provider of big brands such as Virgin Bingo, but since 2009, they have moved on to other platforms that offer their players a lot more in terms of game options and playability. The biggest blow though came when the whole of the St Minver Networked dropped them in favour of the G2 Gtech software.

Their latest ‘Version 5’ software is a massive improvement on previous versions but it seems to be too little too late and they are lagging behind the competition by a considerable distance. They do however offer 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo, with some of their brands also offering Swedish Bingo that gives their players five chances to win each game.

Parlay Entertainment Software Functionality

  • The maximum ticket purchase per game is 48 (60 on linked games)
  • Chat rooms with a good selection of smilies and shortcuts such as “diw”, “gl2e” and “yw”
  • Small selection of daub shapes and colours
  • Hosted bingo chat rooms
  • Good variety of slots, poker and table games
  • Best card sorting
  • Countdown to bingo
  • Change bingo cards before purchase

Sites Using the Parlay Entertainment Software

As time as gone on, more and more brands that use the Parlay Entertainment software have either closed or choose not to advertise their product by using affiliates like ourselves. For this reason we don’t have any brands advertised on this platform here at BallsUp Bingo but the sites below are all powered by the software.

Astro Bingo
  • Bingo Bulldog
  • Bingonanza
  • New Century Bingo
  • The Palaces
  • Park Resorts Bingo
  • Peeps Bingo

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