Closed Bingo Sites

In recent years, since the inception of bingo on the Internet, we have seen numerous brands open their virtual doors. Many consider the market saturated and players spoilt for choice of where to play their favourite game online so it is understandable then that alongside the new bingo sites opening there are closed bingo sites too, the brands that cannot maintain liquidity or player interest despite their best efforts. There are many different reasons this happens from a drop in player numbers, a change of ownership and even, in some instances a change in the licensing regulations.

There are numerous reasons for a bingo site to close and here we list all the closed bingo sites. Unfortunately the current list is unlikely to be complete and new brands will be added over time.

On this page we list the sites that we had reviewed but have since closed (there are many more now closed that we hadn’t reviewed) AND the sites that are still going strong but do not offer an affiliate scheme through which we can promote their brand. Changes to the licensing regulations that came into force on 1st November 2014 meant that some brands removed themselves from the UK bingo market but remain available to other territories.

Ann Summers Bingo
Bingo Day
Bingo ID


Bulldog Bingo
Bunny Bingo
Desperate Wives Bingo


Mail Bingo
All Bingo Club
Bingo 770
Bingo Joy


Lots Of Bingo
Love Bingo
M8ts Bingo


Spin and Win Bingo
We Luv Bingo
Wonder Bingo


Busy Bingo
Eyes Down Bingo
Sunday Mail Bingo
Tickle Bingo


Quiz Show Bingo
Yahoo Bingo

Other sites that have closed are:

  • Paparazzi Bingo – November 2008
  • WinBonanza Bingo – June 2009
  • Blackpool Club Bingo – October 2009
  • Bingo Zest – April 2011
  • GameOn Bingo – July 2011
  • Jacks Live Bingo – Unknown
  • Minxy Bingo – April 2012
  • Purely Bingo – April 2012
  • Cheggers Bingo – November 2012
  • Quicksilver Bingo – September 2013
  • Zoom Bingo – Unknown
  • Bingo Nation – July 2013
  • Bloke Bingo – July 2013
  • Bingo 9 – September 2013
  • Zoom Bingo – September 2013
  • Bingo Playground – Early 2014
  • Totesport Bingo – April 2015
  • Benidorm Bingo – February 2015
  • Party Bingo – June 2015

Non-Compliant Bingo Sites

Giggle Bingo
Jackpot City Bingo


Non-Affiliate Bingo Sites

Tryst Bingo
STV Bingo
Daily Record Bingo
Health Bingo


Crown Bingo
Golden Hat Bingo
Castle Bingo


Bingo Friends
Bingo IE
Bingo Giving
Jackpot Cafe


Chit Chat Bingo
Nova Bingo
Astro Bingo
Bingo Godz


Other sites that no longer offer an affiliate scheme:

  • Smooch Bingo – as of December 2014
  • Stash Bingo – as of December 2014
  • Beaky Bingo – as of June 2015


Brands We Choose To No Longer Advertise

With so many different online bingo sites available to choose from it is often the case that one brand will quickly become dated. The sites listed below are such brands, ones that we have once reviewed but we no longer feel are competitive in today’s market. You can still read the reviews, the links in the reviews will simply direct you to a site that we feel is more current but offers the same gaming experience.


Bingo Magix
Get Minted Bingo
Gossip Bingo
Maria Bingo


Rogers Bingo

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