Facebook Apps

In the world of internet bingo the buzz word appears to be ‘free’ and whilst many of the pay to play brands do offer no cost games the Facebook Bingo apps available on the popular social networking site also offer you the opportunity to play for free. Each of the Facebook App reviews show that each app has their own unique features and our avid team of players have really enjoyed compiling the reviews of all the apps listed below.

All you need to play any of the apps that we have reviewed is a Facebook account. These are quick and simple to create although many of you will already have an account on Facebook to socialise with your friends and family. Like ‘pay to play’ sites many of the apps available on Facebook have the ability to chat with other players also participating in the same game as you – community is key to these free games the same as many internet bingo brands we know and love.

Each of the Facebook App reviews look at many different aspects of the game and you’ll find a video clip of each app in play. To read any of the reviews listed below, simply click the name of the app that you wish to see more information about.

Facebook Bingo reviews are being added to this page all the time so keep checking back for details of the latest app that we have been playing at…


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