The Gamesys software is used by some of the biggest bingo brands in the country including Jackpot Joy, Sun Bingo and Virgin Bingo. This in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the platform, but if you need any more convincing, just take a look of what they offer. For a start there is 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo, but these are accompanied by unique games such as Snap! and a massive range of casino games, instant games and slots games, all of which combine beautiful graphics with plenty of innovative features.

Jackpot Joy was one of the first brands to opt for the Gamesys platform, and have managed to take things a step further by incorporating exclusive games such as Bejeweled Bingo. This combines everyone’s favourite game with a challenge aspect that requires you to not only beat your own individual score, but also a group score, in the hope of winning free cards for the next game. It also features a progressive jackpot that just keeps on growing until it is activated by a player winning a full house in 38 calls or less.

The Gamesys software has been around since 2001 but only really achieved success when Sun Bingo made the move from Tombolo’s proprietary software in 2008. Since then they have gone on to achieve huge success, which you can down to the fact that so many players are impressed with everything they have to offer and stay loyal to the brand. One really nice feature that the fans seem to appreciate is Session Bingo, which allows them to pay a set fee for a whole hour’s worth of bingo fun, instead of having to pay on a game by game basis.

Gamesys use a combination of the latest technologies to ensure they are always at the cutting edge of online gaming, offering products for both dedicated sites and the social networks. Over the years they have won numerous awards, with five of those coming from the 2014 Which Bingo Awards, which included Best Online Game of the Year, Best Online TV Ad, Best Online Bingo Chat Team, Best Online Bingo Promotion and most importantly, Best online Bingo Site for Jackpot Joy.

Gamesys Software Functionality

  • The maximum ticket purchase per game is 100 (varies between rooms)
  • Chat rooms available with selection ofsmilies which include shortcuts such as “gl” and “wdw”
  • Choice of font colours and sizes
  • Selection of daub shapes and colours
  • Hosted bingo chat rooms
  • Large selection of slots and instant games
  • Best cards automatically sorted
  • Countdown to next games
  • Change bingo cards before purchase

Many of the Internet bingo sites using the 888/Globalcom bingo software are now also offering a pre-purchase facility for the big guaranteed games; the biggest guaranteed jackpot game is currently hosted at Foxy Bingo.

Sites Using the Gamesys Software

Below are just the sites that we have reviewed here at BallsUp Bingo which are powered by the Gamesys software, there are several others available on the Internet.

Fabulous Bingo
Heart Bingo
Sun Bingo
Virgin Bingo

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