Top Bingo Tips

Online bingo is a game of chance, just like bingo has been since its inception, and that’s what makes it so popular. There’s no way of ensuring you can win, and you can always play in the knowledge that just one bingo ticket could win you the big prize. But that isn’t to say that you can’t employ some of our top bingo tips and use practical ways to give yourself the edge over other players in both land-based and online bingo games.

  • Choose your game – Before you play, you need to decide what you want from your online bingo experience, and then employ our top bingo tips to help you get there. First up is choosing your game; are you looking to win often, allowing you to keep playing? If so then you need to look for quiet bingo rooms or online bingo halls, less players means less competition and more chances to win, although the prize money is likely to lower as your chances of winning increase. If you want that one big win then you’ll be looking for busier bingo room, bigger bingo jackpots, but possibly less chance to win.
  • Buying bingo tickets – You always want to make your bingo game worthwhile, and that’s why one of our top tips is see who else is playing, and buy bingo tickets accordingly. In a quieter bingo room, or a room with more expensive tickets you may wish to buy less bingo tickets, giving you more chance of a substantial win. However, our top bingo tips recommend that in a busy bingo room, chasing jackpots you might want to increase your bingo ticket total, giving yourself more chance to win. This option is the crucial difference between land-based bingo and online bingo with an auto-daub function.
  • Choose your bingo site – If you wish to play the beautiful game online, then employ one of our most important top bingo tips, make sure you choose your bingo site well. There are now so many sites to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to play, read some bingo reviews, make sure you’re aware of wagering requirements and bonus structures before you part with your hard-earned cash.
  • Be sensible – Our final top bingo tip is to be sensible, bingo, especially the online game is fun and social, but this fun aspect can be lost if you start betting more than you can afford. Stay with the fun aspect, bet sensibly and most importantly, be gracious when others win, you’ll appreciate the sentiment when you get lucky!

We hope our top bingo tips are of use to you, but most importantly of course, have fun and be lucky along the way!

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