Social Bingo

When the Internet first hit our homes, chatting with people online soon became possible. However Internet chat rooms were often seedy and unmoderated, so when online bingo sites launched giving players the chance to chat while they played, it was the perfect social bingo experience for many people. Since then of course, the Internet has changed a lot and bingo players can share their social bingo experience across many platforms.

Bingo chat rooms were always a fantastic place to have a social bingo evening, thanks to the auto-daub facility you get much more chance to chat when playing online bingo than you ever would in the bingo halls, and of course bingo chat hosts are in place at most reputable online bingo sites to ensure everyone is happy.

However, now bingo sites are finding many players are turning off their chat, and that’s because there are now many more mediums allowing players to share their social bingo experience. With the launch of Facebook, many online bingo sites opened player pages, allowing players to chat online instead of in the bingo chat rooms, some bingo sites run bingo forums, allowing players an even bigger social bingo experience and other bingo sites run their own social network platforms.

No longer is it the choice between the chat room or no company, the Internet has grown so much bigger than the online bingo industry could ever have imagined, and certainly past the bingo chat room. It makes you wonder how much longer the chat host structure will continue. Many online bingo sites are now only offering certain manned hours, with chat hosts in different rooms at different times of day, and as social bingo experiences continue to grow beyond the bingo chat rooms, it seems there will be even less use for paid members to be in the chat room.

Online bingo is changing, and will continue to change as the industry grows, and if you want some social bingo experiences offline, then why not look at some of the many ‘bingo meets’ organised by online bingo sites on their Facebook Bingo pages?

For as long as anyone can remember, bingo has been known as a social experience, and if anyone thought that taking the game online would take away from the social bingo aspect, then they would be very wrong. Bingo is one of the most sociable games on the Internet, just like it’s always been!

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