Online Bingo Strategies

There can be no arguing with the fact that bingo, whether online or at the bingo hall, is a game of chance. Every single bingo ticket sold has exactly the same chances of winning the game, as bingo tickets and bingo balls are all decided at random. That said, there are some online bingo strategies you can employ to ensure you give yourself a little bit of an edge when playing online bingo at any of the many bingo sites across the Internet.

Now controlling the numbers that come out of the bingo machine is impossible, and bribing virtual callers is also not very likely, so that means that online bingo strategies must lie with the bingo tickets you select. To select the right bingo tickets, it helps if you know a little about statistics and the things that affect random draws. Don’t worry if you’re lost, just follow these online bingo strategies to give yourself the online bingo edge.

For the purpose of our online bingo strategies, we are going to assume you are playing the 90-ball bingo game, and as such numbers on your bingo ticket will run from 1 to 90.

Buy More Bingo Tickets

Our first online bingo strategy is to buy as many bingo tickets as you can afford, the more bingo tickets you buy, the more chance to have of beating the odds, giving yourself the edge over other bingo players in the game.

However, don’t choose your bingo tickets at random, take a look at the numbers on them and ponder on the probability of each of those numbers coming out. For instance if you have 01 – 11 – 21 and 31 on your top line of numbers, they seem unlikely to be called as the first four balls. So our online bingo strategy would suggest that taking note of the first and last digit of each number, and ensuring a good mix up on your bingo tickets might be a good way of improving your strategy.

Lucky Bingo Numbers

You can also forget lucky numbers; bingo players often have a lucky number and will work to ensure that number is on every bingo ticket you purchase. Of course this means that no matter how many bingo tickets you purchase, if this number isn’t called, then you have absolutely no chance of winning the game, on any bingo ticket. This theory suggests that you need to look at a range of tickets, ensuring you aren’t doubling up on too many numbers across your bingo tickets.

Evenly Spaced Numbers

Evenly spaced numbers are also worth considering. While you don’t want a card full of low numbers, you also don’t want a card with too many high numbers. While you can’t ensure covering every number from 1 to 90, you can give yourself a good chance of having more numbers called per bingo ticket by following our online bingo strategy, giving yourself an edge on the game.

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