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Many Internet bingo sites now advertise their wares on our television screens; some do this to highlight a current promotion they have running whilst other online bingo adverts concentrate on creating brand awareness for their site. The first ever internet bingo brand to advertise in this manner was Think Bingo and since then we have seen numerous brands appear on the small screen, some good some bad!

The commercial for Think Bingo, in comparison to many of the current online bingo adverts, was very boring but it did enough to entice me from land based bingo to the internet game and the rest is history.

Some of the online bingo adverts that we have seen on our small screens have been subject to scrutiny by the Advertising Standards Auhtority (ASA) and one of the best from Tombola Bingo was banned. The commerical, featuring the well known cartoony balls from Tombola, was consider to appeal to a younger audience and Tombola Bingo were instructed that the advert was not to be shown in this format again. It was a real shame for the brand as subsequent online bingo adverts from Tombola lack the spark of the original commercial.

Here is the original Tombola Bingo advert:

One of the most recognised internet bingo brands is Foxy Bingo; this isn’t speculation, this is fact as Foxy Bingo came 10th in a poll of the most remembered commercials on television! The mascot for this brand has matured with age; gone is the lecherous canid that used to grace our screens and now we have a suave, debonair computer generated image strutting his funky stuff to many an old classic. The great marketing by Cashcade has kept Foxy Bingo ahead of many other brands when it comes to online bingo adverts!

Here is the most recent Foxy Bingo advertising campaign:

Some of the online bingo adverts that we see are REALLY dire and one of our least favourite has to be the commercial for RedBus Bingo. When we first saw the commercial for this internet bingo brand we thought we were watching an advertisement for a kids television program. It’s an animated piece of work featuring, of course, a Red Bus and whilst we can see why the focus of the commercial is the red bus, surely brand awareness should be aimed at the target demographic for internet bingo, not the under 5’s.

Here is the Red Bus Bingo advertisement:

These are just three examples of many online bingo adverts that we have seen on our television sets. We are bound to see many more over the coming years with new bingo sites launching all the time.

Keep checking our bingo news section for the latest on the online bingo adverts currently showing on a small screen near you!

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