Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots

Internet bingo sites are really trying hard right now to draw in the players and offer internet bingo players exactly what they want and this comes in the form of guaranteed bingo jackpots. This is because the industry has become hugely competitive with the boom of new internet bingo sites hitting our computer screens right now. Of course this means that the customer is king and the offers and jackpots are getting better and better and higher all the time.

A fairly new addition to the Internet bingo scene is the guaranteed bingo jackpot game (at least it was at the time this article was written. As of January 2015 these types of jackpots are pretty much expected when you play bingo online). Guaranteed bingo jackpot means that the jackpot doesn’t descend as the balls are called, whatever the advertised jackpot is for the game that’s the amount that will be won regardless of the amount of calls the game is won in.

Played in the 75 ball bingo games and brought to popularity by sites like Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo and 888Ladies Bingo on the Globalcom bingo software and now widespread across all the networks, the guaranteed bingo jackpots are proving to be a valuable addition to your favourite internet bingo sites.

Cards for the guaranteed bingo jackpot games are often available in a pre-purchase option, this means you can buy cards at any time that’s convenient to you and they’ll play and possibly win you a massive jackpot even if you can’t be at your computer at the time of the game.

Pre-purchase is a fantastic innovation and is transforming internet bingo jackpots, allowing sites to offer these massive guaranteed jackpots-often as high as £10,000-increasing the player total by making the games available to all players, even if they cannot be online at the time of the game. It means you have the potential to win huge jackpots even when your home computer is turned off.

Competition for these guaranteed bingo jackpots is huge, with player counts often running into the hundreds and quite frankly it’s not surprising considering you can win anything from £1,000 to £25,000 no matter how many calls it takes you to get bingo in.

In my opinion, guaranteed jackpot games are the best value for money and have the best potential for a huge return than coverall bingo jackpots on offer at internet bingo sites right now. There’s no gimmick, no massive unobtainable jackpots dangling like a carrot, just one prize, guaranteed for you to play for.

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