Coverall Bingo Jackpots

With Internet bingo becoming such a hugely competitive business, internet bingo sites are going all out to draw in the players with offers of some massive coverall bingo jackpots on selected games. One of the most popular jackpot games available many brands is the coverall bingo jackpot. Coverall bingo jackpots are played in 75 ball bingo rooms at Internet bingo sites and as the name implies to scoop the jackpot you must cover all twenty-five squares.

Often the jackpots advertised for these games are huge and have been known to be as high as £1million, this is because more than often on coverall jackpots the jackpot is a decreasing amount, falling with each call of the game until it hits the guaranteed amount.

So as tempting as a £1 million jackpot seems quite often the top prize is fairly unattainable as players need to cover all twenty-five squares within twenty-five to twenty-eight calls for example, which as you online bingo players know can be virtually impossible. As the calls continue the jackpot will fall with every number called often settling as low as £50-£100 for games won in the average of around fifty calls.

Don’t let this put you off though, there are plenty of prizes to be won in coverall bingo jackpots, hit that jackpot at around forty calls or less and you could be looking at well over £1,000 in your pocket to spend on some treats for yourself. Just don’t set your sights too high on those coverall jackpots , especially the games with jackpots that fall number by number because despite the fact that many sites offer these £1 million jackpots once or twice weekly in the last five years since internet bingo hit our screens the £1 million is still yet to be won.

If you want the chance to play for some massive jackpots then try out the coverall bingo jackpots offered at internet bingo sites and cross your fingers and hope for a miracle, however if you are happy to settle for a smaller amount yet have the jackpot amount set out before the game then check out some of the guaranteed bingo jackpot games around at internet bingo sites right now.

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