Bingo Problems

If you have reached this page then it is most likely that you have an issue with one of the many Internet bingo sites available today. Bingo problems are, in all honesty, few and far between and many can be resolved quickly and simply. Playing internet bingo should be a pleasurable experience and more often than not, this is certainly the case. There are a number of reasons why you may have bingo problems and here we try to solve them for you.

Bingo problems do arise and many of the issues arise because a player hasn’t fully understood part of the Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) of a promotion or bingo bonus offer. For this reason we always advise people to take the time to read the T&C’s laid out at any given site prior to making a deposit or taking part in a bingo promotion. As with all offers and promotions, be it internet bingo or a shopping voucher, T&C’s are provided so that both parties are away of the expectations in taking part in a promotion or receiving a bonus of some description.

Most Internet bingo sites are very reputable with player security and safety being at the forefront of the site but sometimes they do get things a little wrong. Although a rarity, bingo problems do arise and you as a player may need a helping hand to find a mutually beneficial solution to the issue that has arisen between you and an internet bingo site.

This is where we come in; here at BallsUp Bingo we offer a free service where we will mediate between a player and a site to find a solution that suits both parties. However, bingo problems are wide and varied and as a player, you may not always be in the right. We offer you our opinion, suggestions in how to reach a resolution with the online bingo site in question and only if these do not produce an acceptable response, do we get involved directly as mediators between the site and the player. Often, when bingo problems arise, emotions are running high and communication from the player is not well structured or is very emotive making it hard for an Internet bingo site to understand exactly what the issue is.

Your Bingo Problems Solved

A site appearing on our Bingo Problems page does not necessarily mean it shouldn’t be trusted; where there has been an amicable solution between player and site, as in the Littlewoods and House of Bingo examples above, it is obvious that customer service is of importance to the site in question.

Should a site continue to be brought to our attention for the same bingo problems then we will consider removing their review from BallsUp and bring this to your attention.

Whilst we do offer help to all players with any bingo problems that may arise, we will not enter into discussions with players who simply want to berate a particular site.

Example Bingo Problems And Resolutions

Here are a couple of examples of issues that we have been able to resolve between a site and players:

Littlewoods Bingo

Bingo Problem:
Player had deposited at the site using a Ukash voucher, a substantial win of £900 befell the player and proof of identification was required. Player was unable to provide her birth certificate as proof of ID for a number of reasons and the site refused to provide payment.

BallsUp mediation:
A member of our team contacted Littlewoods Bingo directly and explained Player’ situation in a more controlled way. Other forms of ID were suggested by Littlewoods Bingo.

BallsUp contacted Player and arranged another form of ID to be provided.

Player provided the required ID and subsequently her cheque was received in a couple of days.

Feedback from Player

Dear Nickie
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Littlewoods Bingo just rang to confirm the £900 cheque on its way!
When out shopping with son today, I saw the perfect little foldaway scooter-will change my life so much, it will cost the amount I won but probably a little more, but who cares? I really don’t know how to thank you, honestly, you have turned my life round I hope we keep in touch.

House of Bingo

Bingo Problem:
Player had received an email offering a free £10 welcome back bonus to play at House of Bingo. After playing through and winning a substantial amount of money using the free £10 bonus Player decided to make a deposit of £25 and continued to win even more money playing the slot games. A withdrawal was requested twice and both times rejected.

BallsUp mediation:
The Player granted BallsupBingo access to her account and a full summary of deposits and wagers was obtained. With no solution forthcoming between Player and site contact, BallsUp emailed the site directly with a full breakdown of transactions showing evidence of where the deposit was made and with a request that the relevent amount be made available for withdrawal.

Player was able to withdraw an amount that was agreed to be mutually acceptable between the internet bingo site and Player.

Feedback from Player

I would like to thank all at and Nickie Shute in particular for their help in sorting out a problem for me that I had with House of Bingo.

I had been unable to withdraw my winnings as the site kept insisting that the amount I was trying to withdraw was won using promotional money despite the fact that I’d deposited since getting a welcome back bonus.

After finding Ballsup by googling my problem and reading that they had helped other players I emailed them with my problem and was answered straight away.

Nickie asked for all the information and got in touch with House of Bingo on my behalf. This contact led to a mutually benefical agreement with the site and I was able to withdraw my winnings.

Karen Hall

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