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We all love to play internet bingo for the thrill of winning big jackpots but as we all know there’s nothing quite like the nice warm feeling you get when you join the bingo chat room and chat to your bingo buddies. Online bingo communities are quite unprecedented in the way they bring a whole group of like-minded people together to one place and keep them coming back time and time again and bingo chat games are one reasons players keep coming back.

Of course another huge appeal with internet bingo chat rooms is the bingo chat games. We all love bingo chat games, they are great fun to play, pass the time and are a great way of boosting your bingo balance by earning chat points which can then be transferred back as cash to spend on more bingo.

There are lots of bingo chat games and at most internet bingo sites they change regularly, usually on an hourly basis. They are most easily divided into different categories. Some bingo chat games are interactive and some non-interactive. Interactive games require an answer or a shout on the board from players. These cover games like quiz, lucky numbers and the like. The other type of bingo chat game is the non-interactive type. Non-interactive games don’t require require any participation and are usually made up of neighbours type games dependent on where you are on the chat list.

Quiz bingo chat games are exactly as they sound, the chat host asks a question in the bingo chat room and the first person to type the correct answer wins the chat points, these are sometimes played in a tournament type setting where you collect correct answers and points are paid at the end of the session. Numbers games require players to choose one or several numbers and when they are all out to type a chosen call on the chat board.

Games like neighbours or one-up and one-down as they are sometimes called don’t require any participation from players. At the end of the game the player a selected amount of spaces from the winner on the chat list wins the points.

Bingo Chat games vary between internet bingo sites and often you will see the same game at different sites with different names, this is because bingo sites like to give games names according to the site theme and offer individuality between them and other bingo sites.

Chat games are a lot of fun to play and a great way of boosting your balance as you play, rules are usually kept very simple and if you need any help the chat hosts on duty are known to be very helpful.

So next time you’re playing internet bingo, make sure you ask which of the many bingo chat games are playing and join in, it’s a great way to get involved in bingo chat and earn some chat points along the way.

Bingo Chat Games Examples

The following two examples are quoted rules from Tidy Bingo:

STINKY PITS – Choose two numbers, one from the B column (1-18) and the other from the O column (73 – 90). When both your numbers have been called type ‘I HAVE BO’ in chat and the host will ‘shower’ you with loyalty points.

TAG A TIDYER – It’s time to show your generous nature in the Tidy Cupboard. When you win a game of bingo you get to tag one of your fellow Tidyer’s to win the loyalty points on offer.

The two examples listed below are bingo chat games taken from Winner Bingo:

Big Breakfast

The CM will type into the chat box, the first letter of a breakfast item, e.g.

The question is ‘My Breakfast item begins with *E*’
Your answer would be – ‘Food egg’

Jumble Bingo Sale

The CM will type into the chat box, a jumbled word , e.g.

The question is ‘RTPCAE’
Your answer would be ‘Jumble carpet’

More Chat Games Information

Originally posted as a news article in July 2008

A firm favourite for internet bingo players are the chat games at internet bingo sites and the reason for this is it is a great way to interact with other bingo players as well as the chat hosts. Add to this the fact that you can win free money to boost your bingo balance at chat games at internet bingo sites were always destined to be a hit with many online bingo players.

Chat games at internet bingo sites come in many forms but on the whole the games are based on the numbers called throughout the online bingo game. Although chat games at internet bingo sites vary from bingo site to bingo site in essence they are very similar.

One of the biggest issues I have with chat games at internet bingo sites is when the chat game winner is determined by the winner of the bingo game; the reason for this is simple – someone who has just one a bingo game has already had their bingo balance bolstered because they have just won bingo, why then award them even more money from the chat game?

I prefer chat games at internet bingo sites to be about watching the bingo game or fastest finger first – this way every bingo player in the room has the same chance as every other player in the room.

These are three different examples of chat games at internet bingo sites; I will look at a bingo winner determined chat game, a random winner chat game and a fastest finger first chat game.

Bingo Winner Chat Game

Odds and Evens

Each player who wishes to participate in this chat game must choose whether they wish to play odds or evens. The number that bingo is called on will be either odd or even and the winner of the bingo game will win an extra chat game bonus if the number they bingo on matches even or odds that they had chosen.

For example: Player A chooses to play odds for the duration of this chat game. Player A wins bingo on the number 13 therefore she will be awarded a chat game bonus.

Random Chat Game

Lucky Number

All players who wish to participate in this chat game must pick a number between 1 and 75 or 1 and 90 dependant on the bingo game being played; this then becomes their lucky number. When your number has been called simply type “Lucky” and your number in chat to be awarded the chat game bonus.

Fastest Finger First Chat Game


The chat host will post a general knowledge question and the player who answers correctly first will be awarded the chat game bonus.

Many online bingo sites have a variety of chat games in their schedules but there are a few online today that have far too many of the bingo winner chat games available.

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