Zynga Slingo Review

Zynga Slingo In August 2015 we visited Facebook to check Zynga Slingo but could not find the app on the social media site or on any of the app stores. The review below is for information purposes only.

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Bingo fans that use Facebook look forward to apps that give them something different. Zynga Slingo is the latest in a long line of such games that have been brought to you by Facebook and the fact that the ever popular bingo game has been combined with slots you, can rest assured that your experience of this Facebook bingo app will be unique in comparison to the other bingo games on offer.

Zynga is a well known name in the world of Facebook gaming and Zynga Slingo currently has more than six million monthly active users at the time of writing. These figures alone show just how popular this Facebook bingo app has become and once you start to play it won’t be difficult to see why.

There can occasionally be bugs and other issues with Zynga Slingo as there can with many Facebook bingo apps, but the facility is there for you to report such issues to the team and look for updates on solving them. This shows just how dedicated the Zynga team are to giving players the best bingo experience that they can.

Zynga Slingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Zynga Slingo is very much like bingo as we know it but in its own way it is also very different. On screen prompts will guide you through your first game as a beginner and there is also an extensive beginner’s guide in the support section which is on a tab at the top of your play screen. On screen prompts will continue as new features become available to you, so that you will know how to use them to maximise your scores.

This Facebook bingo app is made up of five worlds, the first one being called Heart of Gold.  Each world consists of nine stages and each stage has five milestones that you will need to complete to progress. The five milestones can be achieving certain scores, completing a pattern and completing a full bingo card. Scores are determined by how many numbers you mark off in each game and how many lines you achieve. Zynga Slingo gives you a point’s boost for completing the pattern and filling the bingo card.

As you progress through the stages you will receive gifts and powers to help you along. When you have completes a stage in Zynga Slingo you will then be ranked amongst your friends that have completed the same stage.

When you open the game and select the stage that you want to play you will be greeted with a bingo gameplay card. There will be a pattern clearly marked on the bingo card that you will need to complete. Numbers are drawn by clicking on the spin button to the bottom right of your bingo card and the numbers will slot into place at the bottom. Click on any numbers on your bingo card that match the numbers in the slot. Look out for special features that will help you through the stages. Online prompts will tell you how to use them.

Each Zynga Slingo game will use 10 energy and your energy level is shown at the top of your screen. This meter will recharge over time, but you can also buy more energy in the shop and receive energy as gifts from your friends as well as send them some too by visiting the Free Gifts.

The object of the game isn’t simply to get bingo as you would in a traditional game, this is just one of the tasks you will need to complete in each stage, but your aim is to rank as high as you can against your friends.

Special Features

Special features are plentiful with Zynga Slingo. Look out for Jokers with each spin which will allow you to mark of any number in the column above. Super Jokers allow you to mark off any number on your card regardless of which reel the Super Joker drops into. Extra spins can also be rewarded when you spin but if a Devil drops into a reel you have the chance to gamble your score. You will be given a choice of how much you would like to gamble your score by, if you win then you score goes up, but if you lose it will go down. You can also buy extra spins using your coins or energy, the choice is yours.

These are just a few of the features that are available at Zynga Slingo, but you will be prompted with each new one that you come across so learning how to use them is easy.


There do not appear to be any tournaments offered by this Facebook bingo app at present, but using the forum and following updates on Twitter will alert you if this changes. Links to these can be found under the support tab.


There are many rewards offered at Zynga Slingo and as you continue to play and progress, these will become apparent. However, your score increasing, (which is yours coins total) will be your main reward which is achieved by reaching milestones in the stages. Progression through the worlds and stages will also see more worlds and stages unlock and the ultimate reward is of course, ranking top in as many of the Zynga Slingo stages as you possibly can.

Zynga Slingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Zynga Slingo in play simply click the image below.

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