Wingo Bingo Review

With around 50,000 monthly active users at the time of writing this review, Wingo Bingo is already a very popular Facebook bingo app and it isn’t difficult to see why. This is a free bingo game that has lots going on and one that most will enjoy playing.

Those of you that like to play bingo for the social aspect as much as the game itself will be pleased to know that Wingo Bingo does offer chat but unfortunately the variety of bingo games are not vast here. 75 ball bingo is all that is offered and it does appear at this stage that the format in which these games are played is the same in every room. But you open up rooms at different experience levels so it is difficult to confirm this until every room is unlocked.

Nevertheless, Wingo Bingo is still an exciting and reliable game to play and although it may not offer the variety that some of you will be looking for, it loads smoothly without stalling and is easy to play, despite the lack of instructions.

Wingo Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of Wingo Bingo is to get bingo and this is very simple. Each room will tell you what you need to achieve to get bingo and there will be more than one winner, depending on the amount of players in a particular game. Often there can be up to 50 winners when the room is busy, which it quite often is.

When you enter a room there will be information to the left of your screen telling you how many players there are and how many cards have been purchased for the next bingo game. It will also tell you how many bingos (winners) are allowed for that game and the payout and rewards you can get as well as what you need to achieve to get bingo.

At Wingo Bingo you can purchase between one and four cards but you do need to mark your cards manually and call bingo manually so bear this in mind when deciding how many bingo cards to play. To mark your cards simply click on the number that matches the one that has been called on the appropriate card or cards. If you get bingo, click on the ‘bingo’ button on the bottom of the winning card to make your claim.

Special Features

Special features are plentiful at Wingo Bingo and this creates a good platform for an enjoyable game of bingo. Chat is obviously considered standard with online bingo these days and this Facebook bingo app steps up to the mark in this department.

With each number that you mark off you will earn Experience Points (XP). Rising through the Experience Levels opens up new features and rooms, so is a very important part of Wingo Bingo.

You will also see that there are symbols behind some of the numbers on your bingo cards. Mark any of these off and you will get extra rewards at the end of the game.

You are able to invite your Facebook friends to play this Facebook bingo app with you as well send gifts to help each other out.

Visit the Store where you can buy Power Ups which are extra features to use in a bingo game to help you get bingo. You can also visit the store to convert your coins to credits, which allows you to purchase more bingo cards.


There are no tournaments offered at Wingo Bingo but you can have just as much fun playing bingo against your friends to see who can rise through the levels the quickest.


The rewards very much speak for themselves at Wingo Bingo. You purchase your bingo cards with credits but can also earn these with each game that you play, even if you don’t get bingo. Credits are used to buy your bingo cards.

You also earn coins when you play and these can be used in the store to convert to credits or to purchase Power Ups. Power Ups can also be rewarded when you play and these are very useful tools in helping you to get bingo.

XP is the most important reward at Wingo Bingo as this is what helps you progress in the game. Thankfully, these are plentiful and are rewarded not only for each number that you mark off but also getting bingo will get you extra XP.

Marking off the numbers with special features behind them will also get you extra rewards and features and you will find out at the end of the game what you have got and how to use it.

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