Spin Bingo Review

Spin Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that comes to you from GamePoint, a well known developer of Facebook gaming applications. There are around 40,000 monthly active users of Spin Bingo so it is already becoming fairly popular. Be careful not to confuse Spin Bingo with Spin Ball Bingo which is another popular Facebook bingo app. Although they both have similar names, each is very  different in the game play that they offer.

When you load Spin Bingo you will be greeted with a tutorial which will give you the basics to start the game. However, like many applications the information it gives is very basic and most of it won’t make much sense until you actually begin to play Spin Bingo. Again, most Facebook bingo apps are relatively easy to find your way around anyway, so the lack of information should not be a problem.

This is a smooth loading application that shows no signs of stalling. The game plays smoothly and doesn’t hang meaning that you can have a reliable gaming experience when you play Spin Bingo.

Spin Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to mark as many numbers off your cards to not only score points and get as high up the Spin Bingo leader board as you can but also earn experience points (XP).

When in the Spin Bingo lobby you will find a list of rooms. The majority of the rooms at Spin Bingo are English rooms but there are a few for players from other countries. You will find all of the useful information in the lobby at Spin Bingo regarding the room. Such as the number of players in each room, the cost and the number of spins per round.  When you have picked a room, click play to enter.

The Spin Bingo rooms can look very confusing on this Facebook bingo app to start with but the best way forward is to concentrate on understanding the game before you worry too much about other features in the room. Entering a game is self explanatory.

When prompted, click to enter a round and wait for Spin Bingo to begin. Chat is available on the right of the room and to the left of this will be your cards for the game and a clock which indicates the time you have to complete the spins allocated. This will begin to count down once Spin Bingo begins. Once the game starts a spin button will appear below the clock. Click on this to spin up the reels below your bingo cards.

The numbers and symbols that come up on the Spin Bingo reels with each spin can then be used to mark your cards. Numbers will automatically be highlighted on your cards to make them easier to mark off but you will need to click on each blue star at the end of each spin to make them stick to your bingo ticket If you don’t click on them to secure them they will disappear when you take your next spin. If you find that after a spin that numbers are not showing with blue stars on your  bingo card, then this simply means that you have spun one or more symbols that need to be used first.

These are ‘F’ symbols shown in red and once you have used all of these, the blue stars will then appear on your cards. These symbols can be used to mark off any number on any card so simply pick a number and click on it and it will automatically take the symbol from your reel. Blue Arrow symbols allow you to mark off any number in the column above the arrow. When choosing which numbers to use these on you will need to bear in mind that each Spin Bingo game will have a pattern for you to try and achieve. This is shown at the top left of the chat room. Spin Bingo will award you with extra points and XP each time you achieve this pattern. However, you will also score points and XP for every number you mark off. This Facebook bingo app will also increase points awarded for each line that you complete and if you mark all of the numbers off any Spin Bingo card.

Aim to get to the top of the leader board at Spin Bingo if you can to earn the biggest prizes.

Special Features

This is one Facebook bingo app that has plenty of features that make this game exciting. A huge choice of rooms, badges that you can purchase for some added fun along with pets and trophies to name just a few. A series of buttons at the bottom of your bingo cards will guide you through all of the features that this Facebook bingo app has to offer. However, they will take a little work to understand what they all mean and the benefits of them.


Any tournaments coming up at Spin Bingo can be found by clicking on ‘Badges’  and then on ‘Events’ which can seen at the bottom of your bingo cards when you enter any room on this Facebook bingo app.


Spin Bingo also offers plenty of rewards to their players. Coins are the primary reward which is used to buy rounds and you also win these when you play and can use them to purchase items from the store. You will also be rewarded in many ways for various achievements and these will become apparent as you continue to play Spin Bingo

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