Spin Ball Bingo Review

Spin Ball Bingo is Facebook bingo app that brings a totally new concept to the game, it’s bingo but not as you might expect which will be a little “marmite” for the avid player – you’ll love it or hate it.. There are just over 6,000 monthly active users and it is growing in popularity all of the time, but once you play it isn’t difficult to see why. If you want to play bingo in a different dimension, the Spin Ball Bingo will give you that experience, guaranteed.

The small section on how to play is not extensive and won’t by any means tell you what to expect if you read it before you play Spin Ball Bingo, but all becomes clear once you start. There is also a section on bonuses and what they do, which you can refer back to at any time until you become familiar with them.

This Facebook bingo app appears to run smoothly and there were no problems with loading that were evident to us when we played Spin Ball Bingo.

Spin Ball Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

When you load Spin Ball Bingo you will be met with a cluster of coloured balls, some are numbered and will give you extra points when you destroy them and some have symbols on them, some have benefits while some are bad for your scoring. Spin Ball Bingo does not play anything like the traditional bingo games so be prepared for a totally different experience.

The object of this Facebook bingo app is to destroy a full house of these balls in other words the cluster, by shooting coloured balls from your dauber which is situated below the cluster. Spin Ball Bingo requires you to form groups of at least three colours to make the balls drop away and any balls that are held in place by those you match will also fall away. However, be aware that each ball you shoot from your dauber in Spin Ball Bingo will spin the cluster around so you will only be able to shoot at the balls in the cluster that are within your range once the cluster stops spinning. Aim carefully to make sure it spins in the direction that you want, to be able to shoot at the area you need to the most. As you run out of lives, this Facebook bingo app adds more balls  to the cluster making Spin Ball Bingo more difficult, just be careful not to let it grow big enough to touch the sides. Each time you completely destroy a full house, you will progress to the next Spin Ball Bingo level.

Look out for balls with the Skull and Crossbones in Spin Ball Bingo, hit one of these and you lose 50 points. Use your skill to get rid of it by destroying other balls around it. Balls with lucky stars on them are good at Spin Ball Bingo. Hit one of these and you will get a bonus of 50 points. If you bounce a bingo ball off three walls you will lose a life on this Facebook bingo app.

Special Features

Spin Ball Bingo has special features in the form of bonuses. These bonuses are in effect, special moves and they allow you to undo a previous move, or use a bomb that will explode on impact and destroy anything in its way. Or you can replenish your live mid game so although you are still playing the same Spin Ball Bingo game, you will not carry on getting extra balls added to the cluster until those lives run out again.

Another special feature is sniper mode, which gives you a longer arrow on your Spin Ball Bingo dauber. This enables you get a better aim with each ball that you shoot. Quick fire mode is another bonus available on Spin Ball Bingo that in effect gives you rapid fire, but it could also back fire if you are not skilful enough, so use it wisely.


There are no active tournaments as such at Spin Ball Bingo apart from trying to top the leader board, however there are benefits other than just status  for doing this  which  is the case with most other Facebook bingo apps and details will be revealed under the ‘rewards’ header. Of course, you can also invite your friends to play Spin Ball Bingo and try to beat each other, just for a bit of fun.


This Facebook bingo app does have one reward that makes it very appealing to players and that is topping the leader board. Unlike other Facebook bingo apps, Spin Ball Bingo actually rewards the player who tops the leader board each month with a real prize. At the time of writing, the current prize for the month is a Kindle worth £111, so it really is worth playing Spin Ball Bingo.

Topping the leader board on Spin Ball Bingo may not be that difficult at the moment, due to the small amount of players. We actually managed to get to 5th place after just a couple of games, but it is early on in the month so this could change, but it is always worth a try.

Spin Ball Bingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Spin Ball Bingo in play simply click the image below.

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