Slingo Classic Review

Slingo Classic In August 2015 we visited Facebook to check Slingo Classic but could not find the app on the social media site or on any of the app stores. The review below is for information purposes only.

Although the Slingo Classic Game is no longer available on Facebook or in the App Store, the game can be played at Spin Genie. There’s the chance to win impressive cash prizes and enjoy the game. Simply click the banner below to visit the site.

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Slingo Classic is an extremely popular Facebook bingo app with almost 40,000 monthly active users. It really isn’t difficult to see why Slingo Classic is such a popular game with Facebook users once you start to play. This Facebook bingo app combines to two main features of online bingo that players enjoy the most, bingo and slots. This Facebook bingo app was developed by Slingo. Inc

The company are the supreme masters of the Slingo game and they have compiled comprehensive instructions on how to play this Facebook bingo app. This will ensure that you will get off to a flying start straight away without having to spend too much time  working your way around Slingo Classic to try and learn the rope. Once you add this Facebook bingo app you will be presented with two buttons. To learn how to play Slingo Classic, click on the ‘How to Play’ tab. If you prefer to find your own way around then you can click ‘Play Now’ to get stuck in.

Slingo Classic loads very quickly and easily with no obvious signs of errors or stalling. This means you can have a trouble free gaming experience with this Facebook bingo app.

Slingo Classic Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of the game is very simple yet different to the traditional bingo game. As Slingo Classic is a combination of both the bingo game and slots, you won’t be surprised that this Facebook bingo app requires you to both spin reels and match numbers. Simply click the ‘spin’ button and match the numbers that are below the board with the numbers that are above it. If you get a Slingo Joker, this can match any number in the column above the Slingo Joker. However, you can use the Super Joker which is green to match any number that is on the board with Slingo Classic.

Your aim with this Facebook bingo app is to get as many Slingos as you can by matching five numbers in a row. Your quest will not be complete without a few little obstacles being thrown your way though. Like most games, Slingo Classic has a few nasties to make things difficult. The Slingo Devil will be looking to steal half of your points and the only thing that can stop him will be the appearance of the Slingo Cherub.

Special Features

The only special features that can help you achieve Slingo with this Facebook bingo are the Slingo Joker and the Super Joker. These to features are very useful when you are trying to achieve a high score on Slingo Classic. You will also find that the reels on this Facebook bingo app will occasionally give you free spins which can help you to match the last few numbers to fill your Slingo Classic card. Power Ups are also a useful tool and just one of the features this offers, is protection from the Slingo Classic devil.


There are no active tournaments offered with Slingo Classic, but this does not in any way spoil the enjoyment you might get from this Facebook bingo app. As with most applications, Slingo Classic allows you to invite your Facebook friends along to compete against you.


When you begin Slingo Classic you will be awarded with 500 Slingo Bux that you can use to play with Power Ups. To see what Power Ups are available to you, simply click on the Power Ups tab. Slingo Bux, can be used to purchase your Power Ups and help you to achieve a big score. Unfortunately, it is not clear how you can acquire more Slingo bux with this Facebook bingo app, which is the only thing that does let the game down a little. Aside from taking part in third party promotions that are often offered with these kinds of games, for your rewards there is no other obvious way of getting them. But this will more than likely become clear as you continue to play Slingo Classic.

Slingo Classic Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Slingo Classic in play simply click the image below.

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