Mini Bingo Review

There are just over 5,000 monthly active users of the Facebook bingo app Mini Bingo, so this is not one of the most played applications you will find. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t an exciting game to play, as like many Facebook bingo apps, it can sometimes take a while for them to be discovered. Mini Bingo is a typical bingo game but played in a much different environment to that of many other Facebook bingo apps.

You will be greeted with an instruction window when you first load the game which will give you the basics and get you playing in no time at all. There are three difficulty levels to choose from which easy, medium and hard and when playing a Facebook Bingo app for the first time, it is useful to begin with the easy level until you find you understand how the game works. With Mini Bingo this could be particularly important as you have to mark your cards yourself and the higher the difficulty level you choose, the more cards you will have. So it would be wise to play Mini Bingo a few times before you progress up in the levels of difficulty.

Mini Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

If you like simplicity when you play a bingo game then Mini Bingo is just for you. This Facebook Bingo app is a classic 75 ball bingo game and you have one card to play and you play against  players which are all computer controlled. You will start with $500 in your account and each game that you play will cost you $2. When you begin to play Mini Bingo you will see a pre determined pattern indicated at the top left of your screen and you need to beat the computer to cover the pattern to win.

The Mini Bingo game card will show the pattern in a pale blue shadow so you can easily see the numbers that you need to cover to win. This is a Facebook bingo app that is not auto claim, so you will to claim bingo yourself to win. There is no auto daub option available with Mini Bingo either so you will have to mark your card yourself.  The bingo claim button is located on the top right above all of your player and game information boxes. When you achieve bingo click the bingo button to claim your win.

Special Features

Mini Bingo is a very basic and simple game to play so not surprisingly this Facebook bingo app has very minimal optional extras that come with it. There is no chat with Mini Bingo but you are able to pick the colour of your dauber.


There are no active tournaments available with Mini Bingo, it is a very simple classic 75 ball bingo game. As a rule, a lack of tournaments does not usually affect the fun factor of any Facebook bingo app but as Mini Bingo is so basic and simple, some players may feel that this game really does need that little bit extra whereas others will find it more appealing


The Mini Bingo game is classic and simple and not surprisingly this also means everything else that comes with this Facebook bingo app is simple too. Unlike other bingo applications, Mini Bingo does not have medals or special items for you to collect. There is a simple format to the rewards which you get if you win a game on Mini Bingo and you also use these to pay for your games.

If a simple bingo game with no gimmicks is what you enjoy then this Facebook bingo app is just for you. However, if you are looking to play a game with lots of exciting features then you would be better off looking at some of the other Facebook bingo apps that we have listed.

Mini Bingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Mini Bingo in play simply click the image below.

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