Lotto Race Review

Lotto Race is a Facebook app that most avid bingo players will love. When you load the application you will be greeted with a tutorial that will have you playing Lotto Race in no time at all. This tutorial will take you through a basic game and you will then have the option to add this application to your Facebook account. A few little bits of minor information will then be required by this Facebook app and then you will be ready to move on.

Another tutorial will then take you through the Lotto Race basics such as the different game modes, how to join games and how to win prizes for real. However, like most Facebook app tutorials the one for Lotto Race does not tell you everything so there will be a certain amount that you will need to find out for yourself.

We experienced no problems with loading Lotto Race and the games played smoothly giving an enjoyable and problem free experience.

This Facebook bingo app, loaded smoothly and the games played well without any stalling or hiccups, so you can be sure that you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at Best Casino and interruptions to games will be minimal.

Lotto Race Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Lotto Race requires you to race against other players to fill a line to win. A line is actually more like lottery than bingo in that you choose a certain amount of numbers for form lines from a pool. The size of the pool and amount of numbers will depend on the room you are in. Information on each room will be displayed in the lobby of this Facebook app to help you choose a room to play in.

We chose to play in 25k Delirium Drive and needed to choose seven numbers from a pool of 35 to form lines. There were up to a five lines available to each player which you can select yourself or have them randomly chosen for you. A series of draws will then take place to find the amount of winners allocated for the Lotto Race room that you are playing in and draws will continue until all winners have been found. Each draw will be from the complete pool of numbers so after each draw, Lotto Race returns all numbers back to the pool so you may often see numbers from one draw come out in the next draw too. The amount of winners allocated to any game will vary depending on the game and the room and this information can be found in each individual room by clicking on the Payout Schedule.

A player who gets the first prize without sharing with another Lotto Race player gets what is called ‘Bonobooo’. The object of the game is to race against other players to fill as many of your lines as possible as soon as you can and works in a similar way to a lotto game.

Everything on this Facebook app is auto, marking off your numbers, sorting your lines and prize claiming, so there is nothing that you need to do apart from choose your Lotto Race numbers.

Special Features

Lotto Race does not have any special features available to help you achieve your aim any quicker. However, the rewards available from the Facebook app could very much be considered special features and you can read more on this further down in the review. Chat is available across a selection of rooms and although many of this would not consider it a special feature when it comes to bingo but not all Facebook apps offer them so in this instance you might consider it a special feature.


Tournaments are available at Lotto Race at this is one of the main reasons that everyone will want to play. Details of all tournaments can be found under the ‘tournaments tab’ in the lobby and are sorted under separate tabs for monthly weekly and daily etc. Again the reasons players will be aiming to take part in the tournaments at Lotto Race will be detailed further down in the review under the rewards heading.


The rewards at Lotto Race are what everyone will be interested in as they are plentiful and well worth playing for. This Facebook app works its rewards on a tiered system. You will play Lotto Race games by paying with chips and you will also win chips from here. However, all activity will also earn you tournament tickets. You can get tournament tickets for just logging in but every Lotto Race game that you play will earn you more. You will need these to take part in any of the tournaments offered by this Facebook app. If you take part in a tournament and you win, you will be rewarded with Lotto Race Coins and these can then be used in the Lotto Race Store where you can buy real prizes. Amazon gift cards and HMV vouchers are just some of the items available to you in the UK. Prizes for players in other countries will vary.

Lotto Race Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Lotto Race in play simply click the image below.

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