LindoPlay Keno Review

Lindoplay Keno In August 2015 we visited Facebook to check Lindoplay Keno but the app was closed in January 2013. It was replaced by an app called Non Stop Keno that we have yet to review. The review below is for information purposes only.

Based on the ancient Chinese bingo game, Lindoplay Keno offers you the chance to play bingo in a completely different way. In fact, some might say this is a cross between a bingo game and alottery game. Lindoplay Keno is still currently in beta testing so you may come across a few issues along the way. This Facebook bingo app was developed by Webberty and gives you a fantastic interactive experience when you play against your Facebook friends and other users.

When you load this Facebook bingo app, you will be greeted with a message welcoming you to Lindoplay Kenoand telling you to check your emails regularly for updates, which is something you don’t often find with Facebook bingo apps. There is an extensive ‘how to play’ section for Lindoplay Keno and it is a really helpful section to read. As Lindoplay Keno is very different to many other Facebook bingo apps, this help section could prove invaluable. However, it wasn’t found to make an awful lot of sense at first, until a few games were played. Once each of the scenarios in the ‘how to play’ section were reached, the game became much easier to understand. So the advice is, play Lindoplay Keno a little once you have read the instructions and all will become clear.

This Facebook bingo app appears to load smoothly and does not stall so you should have a top gaming experience when you play Lindoplay Keno.

LindoPlay Keno Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

To be honest despite what seems to be a comprehensive ‘how to play’ section, Lindoplay Keno is not easy to understand via these instructions alone.

When you enter the play screen on Lindoplay Keno you will be met with two boards with numbers on them between one and 80. The thing that you will need to remember is that this Facebook bingo app has play days and when you load the app there will be counter telling you when the next Lindoplay Keno play day begins. The object of the game is to score as many points as you can in each play day.

Begin your Lindoplay Keno game by selecting your choice of numbers by clicking on your choices across the two boards. You will need to pick a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10. The less numbers you pick, the more you will score for your matches but of course matches will be more difficult. You will then need to select how much you want to bet per play by using the arrows on the bet key to move your bet amount up and down. Obviously this will depend on how many credits you have but the more you bet, the more you score on this Facebook bingo app.

When you have picked your numbers and selected your bet you are ready to play Lindoplay Keno. Click play and this Facebook Bingo app will then begin to draw numbers. A board on the bottom left will tell you how many matches you will need to get to score and how much you will score. If you match enough numbers to get you into the yellow zone on the Lindoplay Keno board, you will then get extra balls which will give you the chance to match more numbers.

After you have reached an extra balls situation you will then have the choice to  play Double or Nothing, you can however take the win without playing this if you wish. Double or Nothing is when you can really increase your score on Lindoplay Keno and it is a simple higher or lower game. A ball will be drawn between one and 80 and you can double your Lindoplay Keno score by guessing whether the next ball will be higher or lower. If you guess correctly you double your score. Guess wrong and you lose everything. When you feel you have had enough, you can take your score and then carry on with the game again from the beginning, However, you only get three plays at this part of Lindoplay Keno anyway so it can be played to the limit on most games.

Special Features

The Extra Balls and Double or Nothing parts of the game are the only special features to help you increase your score and ranking with this Facebook bingo app.


Lindoplay Keno is a tournament in itself as you play against other users in a bid to get the highest ranking. The more you play, the more your score and the better your chances on this Facebook bingo app.


Rewards are unclear at this time. Obviously you are awarded with free bingo credits when you start using the app but it can only be assumed that more will be rewarded based on your score on each Lindoplay Keno play day. Those who top the rankings are likely to get rewarded with more credits. Unfortunately there are so many players, we have not been able to come anywhere near the top of the leader board to be able to properly establish exactly what the rewards are for playing Lindoplay Keno.

LindoPlay Keno Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of LindoPlay Keno in play simply click the image below.

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