Kingo Bingo Review

kingo-bingo In August 2015 we visited Facebook to check Kingo Bingo but could not find the app on the social media site. We could not find details in any app store either. This review is for information purposes only.

Kingo Bingo is a relatively new Facebook bingo app that currently has around 700 monthly active users. Although fairly basic compared to some other Facebook bingo apps, Kingo Bingo does offer plenty of twists that are often needed to make free bingo fun and exciting. This Facebook bingo app uses both French and English language but not in a very uniformed way.

Some of the onscreen text is in French, some is in English but it seems to favour English more. You will also find that the numbers are called in French. This makes marking the numbers of your cards slightly harder work for those who do not understand French as you will have to wait for the numbers to show before you mark them off. This only presents a problem playing Kingo Bingo when the game stalls and you have several numbers come out at the same time once the software catches up. Games stalling were unfortunately an issue with this Facebook bingo app but not to the degree that it was unplayable.

There is a guide on how to play Kingo Bingo which will appear when you load the application for the first time. However, it seems to give the basics of the bingo game as a whole on does not generalise on how to play Kingo Bingo. All is not lost in this department though as your first game will have prompts to guide you, so you can pick it up fairly easily. You can also click the question mark at the top right of your screen for extra reminders.

Kingo Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

You will primarily need to purchase your bingo cards before you can play and there are up to four available for each game. The guided tutorial on your first game will show you how to select and purchase your cards.

Getting bingo is always the main object and Kingo Bingo is no different. However, in this case you are only required to cover a line and this can be horizonally, vertically or diagonally or cover all four corners. There is no auto daub with this Facebook bingo app, so you will need to mark numbers off your cards yourself by clicking on the number on your bingo card if it matches one that is called. If you get bingo just click the ‘bingo’ button at the bottom of the winning card to claim.

Special Features

Bingo on Facebook is known for special features and Kingo Bingo is no exception. Like most other applications you can invite your friends to play alongside you to help make your gaming experience as fun as possible. Each game that you play will also earn you Experience Points (XP). The more you play, the more XP you will earn to help you rise through the levels. When you reach a new level, a new room will open for you to play in.

You will also see that each bingo card has a couple of numbers with stars marked behind them. Marking off any number with a star will get you a special reward.

Each room has a selection of cards to collect and these are collected as you play bingo games. A pop up will notify you when you collect a card and which room it is for. You can also see how many you have in total at the top of your screen. There are 64 in total to collect at present, but if Kingo Bingo adds more rooms in the future then this could increase too.


As far as we are able to tell, there are no active tournaments offered by Kingo Bingo at the moment. But you can create your own tournaments with your Facebook friends as you compete against each other to see who can climb the Kingo Bingo levels the quickest.


Kingo Bingo offers a simple rewards system. You need to pay for your bingo cards with coins and you also earn these when you win. Invite as many friends to play with you and you can send each other coins as gifts. You will also get free bingo coins as a Daily Reward by clicking on the button at the bottom right of your screen. Once you have collected your bonus a counter will appear to tell you when your next one will be ready to claim.

Of course there are also the other bingo rewards that you can collect that have been listed in the Special Features, so look out for those too.

Kingo Bingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Kingo Bingo in play simply click the image below.

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