Junglee Bingo Review

junglee-tambola In August 2015 we visited Facebook to check Junglee Bingo but could not find the app on the social media site. However, it is available as an app but known as Junglee Tambola and the game may differ. This review is for information purposes only.

Junglee Bingo is a relatively new Facebook bingo app that has everything that players have come to expect from free bingo games. Lots of exciting twists and challenges will come your way when you play Junglee Bingo, making it an exciting and enjoyable game to play.

Unfortunately the number of current monthly active users is not displayed so it is difficult to tell just how popular Junglee Bingo really is, but this will probably come with time and there is no reason whatsoever why this Facebook bingo app cannot be as popular as any other free bingo app on Facebook when you consider what it has to offer.

A full help guide to help you get started is available here and of course one of the most sought after features in the world of online bingo is chat, and we are pleased to say that Junglee Bingo delivers here.

Overall, Junglee Bingo is a smooth running bingo application that does not appear to present any problems. This means that you should expect and smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Junglee Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

There are five different ways to get bingo at Junglee Bingo. The player who crosses off five numbers on one ticket the fastest will win along with the first player to get the top line, middle line, bottom line and full house. These can be won in any order and cards are auto sort so you will always have your best bingo card at the top. You will also have a counter on each ticket telling you how many more numbers you need to claim a win so Junglee Bingo makes it as easy as possible for players not to miss making a winning claim.

When you enter the lobby you will be given a list of bingo rooms to choose from and all of the information you need to help you make your choice will be included. Some bingo rooms are manual daub and some are auto. However, regardless of which you choose, all rooms require claims to be made manually by clicking on the ‘claim’ button to the right of your winning bingo card.

The help section on the right hand tab at the top of your page is available at any time so you can check how to play Junglee Bingo at any time.

Special Features

There are some exciting features on offer at Junglee Bingo. Aside from the chat there is also the option to customise your Avatar. Simply visit the shop where you can style your Avatar however you like. Some of the features are free, some will cost you Coins or T Cash but as your progress in Junglee Bingo you will get more styling features and have more money to spend, so you can have great fun changing your look as you go along.

Sending and receiving gifts will earn you popularity points and help you progress through different levels. Your Pop level meter can be seen at the top of the page.

Lucky Charms is a new feature that has just arrived at Junglee Bingo. Go to Lucky Charms from the bingo room and click on the question mark. This will tell you what Lucky Charms are for and how to use them.


There are not many Facebook bingo apps that offer tournaments to their players and sadly Junglee Bingo does not either. However, inviting your Facebook friends, helping each other progress and trying to progress faster than them at the same time is usually just as much fun.


Like many Facebook bingo apps, you get rewarded for almost everything you do at Junglee Bingo. There are two types of virtual currency used which are Coins and T Cash. You can only add more T Cash to your total by purchasing them with real money. Coins can be won by winning at bingo and both can be used to purchase your bingo cards. You will also get bonus Coins each day that you log into Junglee Bingo. You can also convert T Cash into coins if you run out, but of course it will mean paying for your T Cash to get them to exchange.

You are also rewarded with Experience Points (XP) when you buy tickets, send gifts and win at bingo. This will help you to level up and open up new features but works hand in hand with POP (Popularity Points) which are earned when you receive gifts from others. POP will also give your XP a boost to help you to level up quicker.

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