GamePoint Bingo Review

GamePoint Bingo is one of the more popular Facebook bingo apps with more than 83,000 monthly active users. This application offers lots of fun things on their wall so it is always worth taking a look there whenever you load the game as you could win some free credits to play GamePoint Bingo with. The tips and tricks section on their page could also prove very helpful to you too as this gives you the basics of the game .

GamePoint Bingo appears to load quickly without any of the obvious signs of stalling, so you should get the ultimate gaming experience with this Facebook bingo app.

GamePoint Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with all classic bingo games the object of GamePoint Bingo is to mark all of the numbers off your card as soon as possible. The first player to do this can get line bingo, normal bingo or a superbingo and this will become clear as you continue to play the game. You have the choice of playing in a room that will auto daub your cards for you or if you prefer to mark them yourself then Gamepoint Bingo gives you rooms with this option too. When you load this Facebook bingo app you will see a section to the left with a list of all the manual marking rooms at GamePoint Bingo and the automatic marking will be on the right. The usual game information will be shown for each of the rooms to help you make your decision on where to play. To the top of your screen in the centre you will also see a play now button. Click this and GamePoint Bingo will select a room for you or you can alternatively use one of the rooms they recommend below this button.

As soon as you click play GamePoint Bingo will greet you with a tutorial to help you get started, so if it all looks a little complicated then this will soon make things much clearer. There are so many different ways to win when you play GamePoint Bingo and this will vary from room to room, but there can be three or four different winners each winning in a different way with each game. The details of how you can win will be displayed on the top left of your screen along with the game prize. Simply be the first to bingo on any of the ways listed here to win the corresponding prize. All games are auto claim so there is no need to worry about missing a win with GamePoint Bingo.

Special Features

Although there are no special features that can help you achieve bingo any quicker, GamePoint Bingo does offer you plenty of other features that make this Facebook bingo app so exciting to play. You can chat while play GamePoint Bingo and invite your Facebook friends to play with you as you can with most Facebook bingo apps.


There are no active tournaments offered by GamePoint Bingo at this time, but always keep an eye on the wall for details of anything that may come up.


You are rewarded with free credits each time that you visit GamePoint Bingo to play, and these will increase with each day that you visit. You do of course get rewarded with credits when you win bingo with this Facebook bingo app, but you will also be rewarded with experience points (XP) for making certain achievements as you continue to play. As your experience continues to rise, you will find new features available to you with this Facebook bingo app.

You can visit the market to use your credits, to purchase special items to display. So if you have a big bingo win, you can splash out and reward yourself.

GamePoint Bingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of GamePoint Bingo in play simply click the image below.

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