Fullhouse Bingo Review

Fullhouse Bingo - Facebook A visit to Facebook in March 2015 revealed that Fullhouse Bingo no longer appeared to be available. The associated App page had not been updated since September 2014 with platers comment it had been closed. The review is for information purposes only.

Full House Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that offers free bingo to players in a unique way. Instead using a set of numbers for bingo cards and calls, Full House Bingo uses playing cards using all four suits of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs. But to make this work for bingo, they have also added an extra suit called Stars.

Another added element to the game is that Full House Bingo adds a poker element to the end of each game that gives the bingo winners the chance to win a prize.

The only downside to this Facebook bingo app is that there is no guide explaining how the game works and how to play. Due to the fact that Full House Bingo is unique in what it has to offer, this really does bring a big minus to the application. In fact, the only way to tell what you need to cover on your bingo card to win is to try and make a claim with different scenarios. However, we have managed to establish that a line in any direction does count as a win. All four corners could also be classed as a win at Full House Bingo, but as there has not been an opportunity to try and make a claim for this to find out, we can’t be certain.

Despite the obvious difficulties in learning how the game works, there are currently around 9,000 monthly active users of this Facebook bingo app, so it is clear that players who have mastered how it workks, do find this an enjoyable bingo game to play.

You should not expect to find any problems with loading and game stalling at Full House Bingo, meaning that in this department your gaming experience will be smooth and trouble free.

Fullhouse Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of Full House Bingo is to get bingo,but the ways in which this is achieved are not entirely clear. As with most Facebook bingo apps, you will gain Experience Points as you play which will open up new features and rooms. Which means this the game could change as you progress further.

When you start to play at Full House Bingo you will be playing in Las Vegas. In the lobby the arrows will allow you to scroll through the rooms available to play in as they become available. You will also see a room that is called ‘Training’. Unfortunately, choosing this option does not tell you very much or give you any practice bingo games to play. It states that you need to fill your bingo card to win but after a few games at Full House Bingo it became clear that this is not the case.

When deciding which room to play in you can hover over the ‘play’ button for each room and you will be able to see all of the information relating to that particular bingo room and this will help you to make your choice. When you have chosen a room to play in and entered the room, you will be given a choice of the amount of cards you want to play click onto the amount you would like and wait for the game to start.

To the left of the bingo room, you will see the stats which tell you how much has been bet on the current bingo game, how many bingo wins will be allocated for the game, the number of bingo players for the game and the total number of bingo cards purchased.

When your game of Full House Bingo begins, mark of any numbers that are called, off your bingo cards by clicking on the matching numbers. When you have a win, click ‘claim’ at the bottom of the winning card to make your claim. Once the allocated number of winners for that game have claimed, the bingo game will end and the winning players will then go on to play a Poker hand. The winner of this Poker game will win the pot. However, if you do not understand how to play Poker then this could be a problem.

Special Features

Special feature at Full House Bingo is yet again another area that you very much need to work out as you go along. While some are obvious others are not.

Like most Facebook bingo apps, climbing through the experience levels will always bring more exciting features. The shop is also another special feature and here you can purchase all kinds of different packages to help play Full House Bingo and what you buy will be shown in your Vault until you have used them up.

Occasionally you will see symbols on random numbers on your bingo cards. Marking off one of these numbers will get you a reward.


As far as we can see, Full House Bingo does not offer any Tournaments. But this assumption is made on the fact that there is no information available to say that there are any. It could well be that Full House Bingo players are notified of tournaments as they begin so it is certainly worth keeping an eye open for them.


Like all online bingo games, there will be rewards when you play. You will be rewarded with Credits, Stars or experience point when you log in to play Full House Bingo each day and sometimes you may get a combination of all three.

The rewards for each bingo game will always be given at the end of each game.

Don’t forget that every game that you play rewards you with XP and each time you level up, you will be notified.

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