FR9 Bingo Review

FR9 Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that is brought to you by  FR9 are masters of Facebook gaming offering Poker, Chess and Dominoes to name just a few. So it will be no surprise to find that FR9 Bingo currently has around 30,000 monthly active users. Aside from the huge variety of games offered, bingo is what this review will be focusing on.

When you load FR9 Bingo you will see a help tab. Clicking on this will bring a drop down menu listing all of the games offered. Click on bingo and you will then get and extensive help section which tells you everything that you need to know about bingo and FR9 Bingo, so if you are a novice to the game of bingo, FR9 Bingo will tell you everything that you need to know to get you playing bingo like a pro.

It seems that this is a Facebook app that is very well managed when it comes to game reliability. No experiences of stalling or hanging were evident and the games played smoothly. However, it does seem that FR9 Bingo had a tendency to open several pages as you navigate your way to a room and table to play at, rather than reloading the current page to display the option you have selected. This can be a little annoying as the bingo game doesn’t always load on the page that you are currently on, meaning that you have to look though at the other pages that have loaded to find which one is displaying the game.

FR9 Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of FR9 Bingo is like all bingo games, to get bingo. If you match any five numbers in a horizontal line on any of your cards, bingo will automatically be called and you will win the prize amount set for a one line win.  The same rules apply if you get two horizontal lines and if you match all numbers on a card to win the full house.

There is also a jackpot that can be won at FR9 Bingo and to get this you will need to call bingo on a full house in a specified number of calls. The number of calls required will increase with each game until there is a winner. If there is more than one winning card, then the jackpot will be shared. The prizes allocated in any particular FR9 Bingo game will be show at the top of your bingo room and to the far left the Bonus Ball Jackpot will be displayed telling you the prize and the number of calls you need to call in to win the prize. The call board will be displayed on the left of your bingo cards and on the opposite side will be where the chat text is displayed.

All you need to do to start playing FR9 Bingo is select a room from the drop down menu to play in and enter. You will then need to select a table to play at and you will find lots of game information to help you with your decision. The card cost, number of players and the bingo prize pot will all be listed here

Special Features

Facebook bingo apps often give special features to their players and FR9 Bingo is no exception. You can invite friends from Facebook to play alongside you which will enable you to send them free chips to play with.  The display at the bottom of the page will allow you to see all of the friends that have accepted your invitation to play and how well they are doing. You can also use the tabs to see how all other FR9 Bingo players are doing too.

The help section states that FR9 Bingo offers players the choice of either marking their cards themselves or having them marked automatically by selecting the auto tick option. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate this option and the help section does not provide the details of how it can be done. It merely states that it is an option that is available.


Unfortunately FR9 Bingo does not offer any active tournaments at the moment. However, special offers to acquire more chips are automatically posted in chat.


FR9 Bingo uses chips as its virtual currency and you will automatically receive some free when you load the application. You need chips to buy your bingo cards and will also win them if you get bingo. Inviting friends to play will also earn you more chips to play with and the amount you can get is shown at the bottom of the page where your friends will be displayed.

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