Extreme Bingo Review

Extreme Bingo - Facebook In March 2015 we revisited Extreme Bingo on Facebook only to find ourselves redirected to a completely different game type. We could find no details of this app in iTunes or Google Play. The review below is for information purposes only.

Extreme Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that offers the game at its best with lots of exciting twists. Extreme Bingo was developed by Yazino and currently has 500 monthly active users. So it is not one of the more popular Facebook bingo apps, but as it was only released in August 2011 we couldn’t really expect much more at this stage. Extreme Bingo is played as a team as you will be placed in a team automatically.

Chat is available at Extreme Bingo so you can interact with your team mate throughout each game if you wish. An extensive tutorial will guide you through game and help you find your way around this Facebook bingo app when you click on the ‘How to Play’ button. This is quite a complicated game and not one that you could work out for yourself very easily, so most would find it almost impossible to play effectively without this. However, don’t worry if you can’t remember everything in the tutorial as hints and tips throughout the bingo game will be available to guide you.

So far we have not experienced any problems loading Extreme Bingo and found it to be reliable and smooth running.

Extreme Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Like with any bingo game Extreme Bingo required you to get bingo. However, you will not just be concentrating on your bingo cards. Each team will also be trying to dominate the battle board and this is the most complicated part of this Facebook bingo app but also the most exciting. There is little to worry about with your bingo cards as these will be marked automatically and the first player to mark off all of their numbers on their card will win but the team prize can be won or lost on the battle board depending on which team gains the most control during each game.

Over the course of the game you will be awarded with Power Ups. Use these wisely to help your team dominate the Extreme Bingo battle board.  The team that occupies the most slots at the end of the game will win the biggest team prize.

This may sound a very confusing game to play and although it is one of the more complicated Facebook bingo apps, Extreme Bingo is very enjoyable. Further on in this review, you will find details of the Power Ups and how to use them which will make your understanding of Extreme Bingo much clearer.

Special Features

This is one Facebook bingo app that offers plenty of special features throughout the game. These mainly come in the form of Power Ups and participating as a team rather than as a lone player.

Extreme Bingo will tell you when you have been awarded a Power Up and it is always best to use them promptly. This way you will find it easier to get control of the battle board and stay in control. Another reason is that your Extreme Bingo inventory will only hold a maximum of four Power Ups, so you will need to use them so that slots are free to allow more to be awarded.

There are two types of Power Ups one of which is a Phoenix. This is an Extreme Bingo Power Up which allows you to convert more slots into you teams colour. A shield will protect your slots from being converted into another teams colour, but they can only be effective for one attack from another Extreme Bingo team. The tutorial will explain when Power Ups are awarded and how to use them.


Every game that you play at Extreme Bingo is a tournament in itself, as you play as a team and compete against other teams at the same time. Something that is not common when playing Facebook bingo apps.


Each game of Extreme Bingo that you play gives you the chance to earn two rewards. Both come in the form of Yazino chips and are used to buy your cards and go towards both the game prize, which is awarded to player who fills their bingo card first and also the team prizes. You can also earn extra Yazino chips with every friend that you introduce to Extreme Bingo.

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