Brain Train Bingo Review

Brain Train Bingo In January 2015 when we tried to check the Brain Train Bingo app but could no longer find it on Facebook. It could be that the app is no longer available so the review below is for information purposes only.

Brain Train Bingo is one of the less popular Facebook bingo apps with just over 590 monthly active users. This is actually very surprising as this is a bingo game that offers a twist in that you actually have to use your brain a little to achieve your aim. If it sounds complicated then rest assured it really isn’t. There is a guide on how to play Brain Train Bingo and although it is a little limited on the information that it gives but it is a simple game to grasp.

There is no chat with the game but this is a great Facebook bingo app for those who are just happy to have a quick bingo fix.

This game loads quickly and smoothly and shows no signs of stalling.

Brain Train Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of the game is simply to get bingo but with Brain Train Bingo, it is achieved in a totally different way to most bingo games. When you load this Facebook bingo app you will be met with a page that asks you to select your level. It may be a good idea to select the easy level to start with until you get used to how the game works. You will also find that it is here that you will find the guide on how to play should you ever need to use it.

When you select the level of difficulty that you want you will then be taken to the screen where you actually playBrain Train Bingo. This is where you have to think to achieve bingo. You will only have one card to play with this Facebook bingo app and you will also have to mark that card yourself. When you enter the game play you will see on the left the pattern you need to get to achieve bingo and bingo card have numbers between one and 50 marked on them. You will then have a mathematical formula drawn which you need to find the answer to. This answer will be a bingo number and you will need to mark it off your bingo card if it there. If it isn’t there you can skip straight onto the next number. However this app does not show the numbers on your cards in any uniformed order as you might find with other Facebook bingo apps, they are randomly located in any position so you will need to check the whole grid carefully to see if the number is there.

If you mark off any numbers for the required pattern, Brain Train Bingo will show these with a star when you have marked them. But aim to not only get the required numbers to get bingo, but also fill you card as this will give you more brain power.

Special Features

There are no special features offered by this Facebook bingo app that will help you achieve bingo. However, some may consider that the fact that you have to work out the bingo calls yourself is a special feature in itself.


Brain Train Bingo is a very simple application and offers no active tournaments at this time. However, as with most Facebook Bingo apps, you are able to introduce your friends to Brain Train Bingo where you can compete against each other to see who can achieve the highest score.


Again, Brain Train Bingo is very simple in this department too. There is no virtual currency and you do not have to buy your bingo cards but you will be rewarded for achieving your aim. Each game that is successfully completed will see Brain Train Bingo reward you with a gift. You can see how many gifts you are rewarded with to date on the left hand side. These gifts can then be sent to anyone you wish to send them to by clicking on the send gift button also on the left. However, to send gifts you will be navigated away from the Brain Train application.

Brain Train Bingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Brain Train Bingo in play simply click the image below.

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