Boom Bingo Review

Boom Bingo is an exciting Facebook bingo app that brings something to you that we have not yet come across in the world of social networking. Interactive callers is something that is becoming popular in the world of online bingo but of all the Facebook bingo apps that the team here have reviewed so far, Boom Bingo is the first that has interactive bingo callers.

Currently in Beta testing, Boom Bingo already has so much to offer players it is hard to see what improvements could possibly be made to this application. A tutorial is available at Boom Bingo so you can get playing straight away with the basics at your fingertips. But like many Facebook bingo apps, there is always going to be something that you will have to learn as you go along.

The important features that players like best are offered at Boom Bingo. Chat, mini games and the ability to choose certain playing features for games such as auto daub and manual daub, are there and the fact that Boom Bingo is still in Beta testing mean that you could expect many more playing features to follow.

Boom Bingo is obviously a large application and you could be forgiven for expecting this to cause problems with loading and games hanging, but we are pleased to say that this is definitely not the case here. It is apparent that the developers behind this Facebook bingo app have got everything in hand in this department.

Boom Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The great thing about Boom Bingo is that the Interactive Callers will always give you a quick overview of the next game before it starts, so what is needed will always be fresh in your mind. You can also recall the tutorial at any time to re-cap your memory by clicking on the ‘Launch Tutorial’ button to the top right of your screen.

When you enter a Boom Bingo game the caller will be at the top of your screen in the centre. Below this you will find details of the next game such as, the caller, pattern, card cost and prize. In the same area you can also visit the store to buy more Bingo Bucks (BBs) and there are multiple options for you here but there is also the option to visit the store at the top left of your screen. You also have your card buying options for the next Boom Bingo game here too. The chat window will be found to the left of your screen and works in very much the same way as any other Facebook bingo app.

When you have selected the number of bingo cards that you want to the next game, you will then need to select whether you want to manually mark your bingo cards, or have them semi auto mark or auto mark. Click the appropriate button above your bingo cards. You also have the option to choose the size of your bingo cards as small, medium, large or extra large. Obviously the smaller they are, the more you will be able to view on your screen and any one time. The option to do this is at the bottom of your bingo cards on the right.

Claims are automatic so you don’t need to do anything once the bingo game starts unless you have opted to mark your cards manually. The first person to bingo on the required pattern will win the game prize and those who are on one to go will also win a prize.

Special Features

The most special feature of Boom Bingo is the fact that the bingo callers are interactive. There is no option for you to invite your Facebook friends to play Boom Bingo with you which is unusual and you do not need to earn Experience Points (XP) to open up new features. This is a Facebook bingo app that although relatively basic, is very much different to any other that you may have played.


The only tournament of any kind that is currently available at Boom Bingo is the Leaderboard. This is shown to the right of the caller and those bingo players with the highest winnings for that day will top the board.

It could be that tournaments are introduced from time to time and this could be announced through the Interactive Callers, but there has been no evidence of this so far, But also remember that Boom Bingo is still in Beta Testing so anything could happen in the future. If you would like to see tournaments introduced you can use the ‘Provide Feedback’ button at the top right of your screen to make any suggestions and comments about the game.


Rewards at Boom Bingo are simple, which is usually the best way when it comes to online bingo.  This Facebook bingo app uses BBs for everything. You need them to buy your cards and they are also used for game prizes. You will also be rewarded with free BBs every day that you log in to play Boom Bingo.

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