Blingo Review

Blingo - Facebook In March 2015 when we tried to check the Blingo app but could not find it on Facebook. We could not find the app for Blingo but another app of a similar name, Blingo Bingo is available on iTunes and Google Play. The following review is for information purposes only.

Developed by Oxylabs Networks and with just over 2,000 monthly active users, Blingo is not one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps but still a very exciting game to play despite so few users in comparison to other applications. They do have a discussion section and a wall where you ask any questions and read about any promotions that Blingo may be offering, so you should be able to have any queries you have answered quite easily.

When you first load Blingo you will see that there are three tabs on the top of your screen. Simply click on the help tab to get the basic instructions on how to start a game. As is usually the case, this help section is basic so be prepared to find your own way around this Facebook bingo app to a certain degree.

The game loads smoothly and does not appear to show any signs of stalling, so you should have a good gaming experience when you play Blingo.

Blingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Scroll through the Blingo rooms using your left and right arrow to pick a room to play in. Some rooms will require a certain amount of wins before you will be able to enter them but there are still plenty to choose from when you first start off. However, it seems that if you are an only player in a room you can still buy cards and Blingo will take your credits but the game will not play for a single player play so make sure that you pick a room with several players to avoid wasting your credits. You can also buy cards part way through a game but catching up can be very difficult, but you need to be aware that purchasing cards to play Blingo when a game is in process will be for that game and not the next.

When you enter a room Blingo will give you the details of what you need to achieve to get bingo on the top left of your screen. Game information such as players, room stakes and your account will be shown on the top right with this Facebook bingo app. Simply cover the required pattern on a bingo card and call bingo to win.

You need to mark the numbers off your cards yourself with this Facebook bingo app, so make sure you don’t have more cards than you can handle. Blingo doesn’t appear to offer an auto daub facility.

Special Features

Blingo does not offer any special features that can enhance the game of bingo a great deal. For those that like simplicity, this Facebook bingo app is ideal. If you are looking for a bingo game with loads going on, then Blingo is not the game for you.


There are no active tournament offered by Blingo but you can of course invite your Facebook friends to join you and compete against each other for the highest score.


You will find that not only is the game simple with Blingo but the rewards system is simple too. Many people love a Facebook bingo apps that works in this way as more complicated games can be difficult to play.

You will need credits to buy your bingo tickets at Blingo and you will also win credits if you get bingo, so it couldn’t be much simpler really. You also have the chance to get free credits to play bingo with. By coming back each day to play Blingo, you will get daily credits. However, the more of your friends that join you on this Facebook bingo app, the higher your free daily credit payout will be. You and your friends can also send credits to each other by clicking on the friends’ photo at the bottom of your page.

Blingo Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Blingo in play simply click the image below.

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