Bingo World Review

Bingo World - Facebook In March 2015 we visited Facebook to check out Bingo World. Sadly the app that this view is about no longer appears to be available. The following review is for information purposes only. Please note: There is another Facebook game called Bingo World but this is not a review of that product.

Bingo World s a Facebook bingo app with almost 300,000 active monthly users to date. It is developed by 6 Waves, who is the leading developer for Facebook gaming apps. When you open the application, you are given a choice of preferred language, which means that Bingo World is user friendly to anyone who has a Facebook account. You will be greeted by a scroll bar which gives a list of rooms, but certain criteria must be met before you can play in some of them.

This game appears to run smoothly and doesn’t show any signs of freezing that could spoil your gaming experience. Unfortunately the help section is of little use, this simply takes you to a link on Wikipedia about US bingo and not specifically about Bingo World, so it is a case of finding your own way around to some degree, but not a difficult task by any means due to the simplicity of this application.

Bingo World Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Each room listed on the scroll bar will give information such as the type of bingo game being played, the number of players, the card cost and what you will win. All of this information is there to help you choose the room that best suits you to play bingo in. When you enter, simply click on the bingo cards to purchase them. You will need to daub your cards yourself and click a button to claim if you should win, so it is important that you only buy the amount of bingo cards that you can manage.

This button will appear at the bottom of each card that you have purchased. In the top left hand corner of yourBingo World screen, there will be a display showing you exactly what you need to do to achieve bingo. Below is the chat screen where you can talk to any friends that you may have on Bingo World. There are multiple winners and as they call they will be listed on the right. Once the allocated numbers of winners have called, the game will end.

Special Features

There do not appear to be any special features that can help you achieve bingo with Bingo World. However, you will see a list of your Facebook friends at the bottom of the page who use this bingo app along with their rankings. You can also switch this to world rankings so you are able to see how you shape up with your friends and the rest of the world.


There are no obvious active tournaments available on Bingo World, you are simply competing against the rest of the world and your Facebook friends. This can be just as challenging as a tournament so the game doesn’t lack in enjoyment for players in any way.


Bingo World uses credits as its virtual currency, you will need these to buy your bingo cards but will also win them if you call bingo. You can also get bonus credits by inviting your friends to play at Bingo World. You will also win rooms stakes if you call bingo, which are gemstones such as emeralds, amethysts etc otherwise known as prize tokens. What you win will depend on how far down the list of winners you are but you can use these prize tokens to visit the store at Bingo World and purchase items.

You will also gain access to more of the bingo rooms offered by Bingo World as you have wins, so each win not only gives you prize tokens and credits as a reward, but also helps you on your way to unlocking your next bingo room and giving you a bigger choice of games to play.

Bingo World Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo World in play simply click the image below.

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