Bingo War Review

Bingo War - Facebook In March 2015 we visited Facebook and found that the Bingo War app was unavailable. The review below is for information purposes only.

Bingo War, also known as The Plane Shooter is not one of the most advanced Facebook bingo apps. This is a very basic bingo game with minimal challenges that you would normally find to keep you interested. If you are the type of player who likes a bingo game with lots of features, chat and the usual added extras that we have come to expect from many Facebook bingo apps, then Bingo War is probably not the game for you.

With around just 40 monthly active users to date, it seems that Bingo War just does not offer what most players look for in a bingo game. However, for those of you who are looking for a few quick games without having to rely on friends and other players to progress through experience levels etc, then Bingo War could be for you.

There is no guide on how to play Bingo War but the opening screen does tell you what to do in just two sentences. To be fair, this is enough considering just how easy and basic this Facebook bingo app is to play.

We found that Bingo War was a smooth running game and showed no signs of hanging or stalling. This should help to you to have a good gaming experience despite the simplicity of the game.

Bingo War Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of any bingo game is to get bingo. However, how this is achieved does vary between Facebook bingo apps. With Bingo War there are various ways that you can achieve bingo and clicking on the ‘Legend’ button which is between the Dealers Card and the Players Card will tell you how to win and what you can win for each different pattern.

When you play Bingo War, you will see planes flying across your screen. Using your mouse and left click button you will need to shoot the planes. Some are faster than others so are more difficult to hit and some are smaller. It really doesn’t matter which ones you go for and you are not required to hit every single one. They will keep coming until you have filled your Dealers Card at the bottom left. With each plane that you hit a number will be released on a parachute and if that number matches any on your card it will automatically be marked off for you. Bingo War does not require you to mark your own bingo card. When the Dealers Card is full the game will end and you will then be informed of any win that you may have had and what your prize is.

Special Features

As previously said, Bingo War is not one of those Facebook bingo apps that offers any special features as such. Apart from inviting your friends to play the game, there really is nothing else offered here to keep your interest. However, this is something that many of you may not consider to be a special feature as it is something that is widely offered most Facebook games.

Scrolling down the page will allow you to see the winnings of other Bingo War players and your friends. You may find it fun to try and beat others in this department but other than that, this information has very little relevance to the game.


Bingo War is not currently offering any tournaments to players who use Facebook bingo app. Playing against your friends does not really offer any benefits either with no facility to send gifts and help each other out or even chat as you play, there really is nothing to gain by this feature being available.


Due to Bingo War being a game that offers no progression as such, rewards are not something that is high on the agenda here. Your balance is shown at the top of the page and each game will cost you 10c to play and your winning will be shown at the end of each Bingo War game. Apart from paying for each game there is little else to do with your winning and it really doesn’t take many wins to build up a big balance. So unless you are extremely unlucky when you play this game, you should never run out of currency to play games at Bingo War.

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