Bingo Villa Review

Bingo Villa - Facebook A visit to Facebook in March 2015 revealed that Bingo Villa was no longer available. The review below is now for information purposes only.

Bingo Villa is a Facebook bingo app that has been developed by Product Madness Inc. You will see some familiarities with Bingo Villa as this is not the only Facebook bingo app that had been developed by PMI. Bingo Farm is another one of this developers creations and if you have used this Facebook bingo app then you will notice the similarities. It’s also worth knowing the app is provided by Cozy Games, a platform known in the pay to play bingo industry too.

Bingo Villa has just over 27,000 monthly active users to date, which is by no means one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps but like with so many to choose from it can take time for players to come across some applications.

Visiting the Bingo Villa page and keeping an eye on their wall will give you plenty of chances to win extra bonuses which can only enhance your experience when you play Bingo Villa. The game seemed to be a little slow loading but it seems not everyone experiences this problem, so if it is slow for you, maybe a little simple PC maintenance could solve the problem. Once loaded, the gamesappear to run smoothly with no signs of stalling.

Bingo Villa Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

When you enter the Bingo Villa lobby you will be met with a choice of rooms. Information such as ticket prices, amount of players in the game and the prize will be on view to help you choose which to play in. This Facebook bingo app offers both 90 ball and 75 ball rooms, so you have the choice to play the game which you prefer.

Once you have chosen the Bingo Villa room to play in the top left of the page will give all of the information about the next or current bingo game. This will give you details of what you need to achieve to get bingo, amount of people playing and the prize. Below this information is the Villa Bingo chat box where you can talk to fellow players at your leisure. Using the slide button, simply select the amount of cards you want to play and wait for the game to begin. Bingo Villa will auto daub your cards for you, so you don’t have to worry about how many to buy. Wins are also claimed automatically so if you get called away in the middle of a game, you will not miss a win with this Facebook bingo app.

To achieve bingo, just simply be the first to cover the pattern or lines displayed in the top left of your screen. This will vary depending on whether you are playing 75 ball or 90 ball bingo.

Special Features

There are no special features with Villa Bingo to help you achieve bingo any easier. It is simply a game of luck just as any normal bingo game but if you are a superstitious person then there are lucky items that you can purchase. In fact, Bingo Villa offers you complete collections to purchase. You are also able to send items to your fellow Bingo Villa players by clicking on their name to the right of the chat window. Simply select the item you wish to send to them and you’re done. Alternatively you can select a name from the row of people shown at the bottom of the page with this Facebook bingo app.

Bingo Villa also offers you the chance to play side games while you play bingo. Simply click on the banner at the top of the game room to open this option.


There are no active tournaments offered by Bingo Villa, but like most Facebook Bingo apps, you can invite your Facebook friends along to play with you and challenge them to get the highest ranking or experience level.


To play bingo at Bingo Villa you will need credits, you also win these when you play bingo. You can also win diamonds on some games with this Facebook bingo app. These, along with credits can be used to purchase lucky items.

Bingo Villa will also reward you with experience the more that you play. The higher you experience level, the more features will be available with this Facebook bingo app.

Bingo Villa Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Villa in play simply click the image below.

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