Bingo Vegas Review

Bingo Vegas - Facebook In March 2015 Bingo Vegas did not appear to be available on Facebook. However, there was an app of the same name available via Google Play and another through Amazon. Both appear to be different to the game we reviewed originally though.

Many bingo Facebook apps tend to be fairly basic when it comes to their gaming structure with many of them being based on just the bingo game. However, Bingo Vegas claims to bring the entire casino to you with this application making it even more like pay to play bingo. Of course, you do not have to pay for Bingo Vegas as like all other Facebook bingo apps, it is totally free and for this reason is great fun to play.

There are almost 31,000 monthly active users for this Facebook bingo app, so Bingo Vegas is one of the more popular one and giving the variety of games it claims to be available to play from just one application, it is not difficult to see why it is so popular. However after actually playing the game, our view changed quite a bit.

This game runs smoothly and has no obvious signs of stalling, so your gaming experience at Bingo Vegas should be a trouble free one.

Bingo Vegas Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As a beginner at Bingo Vegas you will begin on level one and have 100 chips in your account to start you off. Your first 25 games with this Facebook bingo app will be played in the Bingo Palace room which is a 75 ball bingo room and the details of what you need to achieve will be displayed both in the Bingo Vegas lobby and in the room itself. Chat is available on the right of the page when you first enter a Bingo Vegas room but it seemed to disappear when the first game was played and it never returned, which was quite disappointing for a Facebook bingo app. The winner or winners of each game at Bingo Vegas will be displayed in a panel at the bottom of the page when the game comes to an end. All cards are manual daub and you will have to click the claim button at the bottom of your cards if you get bingo to claim your prize at Bingo Vegas.

Unfortunately, there is no help section available at Bingo Vegas to tell you how the game works so it really is a case of finding you own way around. Some people may find this a little tedious, but if you love a challenge then this Facebook bingo app could be just for you.

Special Features

There are no special features at Bingo Vegas that we have come across so far that will help you to achieve your aim any quicker. In saying that, unless you play the game to maximum level possible you really won’t know what is around the corner with the Facebook bingo app as there is no guide to tell you what to expect and what to aim for.


Again, lack of information available with this Facebook bingo app means that it is difficult to know exactly what Bingo Vegas has to offer but having looked at the discussions on the wall it would appear that there are no active tournaments offered by this Facebook bingo app.


Rewards are a little tricky to understand at Bingo Vegas at first. You are awarded with 200 chips when you join and you will receive further free chips every 12 hours which can be increased by inviting your friends along to play Bingo Vegas. The daily bonus tab in the lobby of this Facebook bingo app will give you details on how to get more chips. Although you use chips to pay for your bingo cards you will win coins if you get bingo. Coins can be used in the store to buy some very odds prizes, but you do need to purchase these if you are to progress to up the levels.

It becomes apparently after a few games that there is no sign of the casino games that are promised with this Facebook bingo app and if you join expecting to have a variety of games to play right away then you will be disappointed. It could be correct in assuming that given the style of prizes you can spend your coins on in the store with Bingo Vegas that you will need to climb up the levels and then eventually be able to purchase these games from the store. However, the lack of information on the page does not make it easy to understand at all and this could be a wrong assumption to make. Unless you stick with Bingo Vegas, you really won’t know how valuable the rewards will prove to be.

Bingo Vegas Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Vegas in play simply click the image below.

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