Bingo Vault Review

Bingo Vault Whilst we couldn’t find the game available on Facebook, we thought maybe it would be available in the app store. Sadly this was not the case and the game appears to no longer be available. The review is now for information only.

With just over 200 monthly active users, Bingo Vault is a Facebook bingo app that to date, has been largely undiscovered by the bingo playing community. Don’t be mistaken by thinking that these figures indicate a not so good gaming experience in comparison to others. There are so many Facebook bingo apps that it simply takes a while for players to come across them and Bingo Vault is one of these.

Bingo Vault in some ways offers you the typical feature that you find with most Facebook applications such as the ability to invite friends to play with you. This is a feature that bingo apps rely on to attract more players.

The only downfalls that we can see with Bingo Vault are that there does not appear to be any instructions on how to play. This really is a bingo game that you need to work out for yourself right from scratch. Some of you may be put off by this, whereas other may find that it adds to the gaming experience. There is also no chat available here, which is something that many people enjoy the most about online bingo. But if it is simply the bingo game that you are looking for then this should not present a problem.

So far Bingo Vault has been a reliable application and had not presented any problems such as stalling or crashing.

Bingo Vault Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

You need to click on ‘play’ from the Bingo Vault lobby and you will immediately be taken to game which will start within a few seconds once you have purchased your bingo cards. To get ‘Bingo’ when you play Bingo Vault you are required to cover a line in any direction or all four corners. You will need to manually mark your own bingo cards by clicking on any matching numbers so be careful not to buy more cards than you can comfortably manage.

When you achieve bingo you will need to click on the ‘bingo’ button at the bottom of the winning card to make your claim. If you win, you will get a pop up appear which will give you all of the details of your win such as how many Experience Points (XP) you have been awarded as well as Power Ups earned and Credits and Coins that you have won. Again, because of the lack of instructions this can appear a little confusing to start with but it is something that you will soon get to grips with.

Special Features

The special features available at Bingo Vault is probably the most difficult area to learn. However, like many Facebook bingo apps there are similarities with other applications that are available. So if you have played many other bingo games on Facebook then you should find it relatively easy.

When you play Bingo Vault you will see a Power Up meter at the top left of your screen. This charges up with every number that you mark off your bingo cards. When fully charged, click on it and you will receive a Power Up. This can be one of many different Power Ups such as a Single Daub. This will mark and a free number off one of your bingo cards. A Double Daub will mark off two numbers. Double XP will double the Experience Point you have earned in that game. These are just a few of them but you learn more about them as you continue to play. Once you have use a Power Up feature, you will soon learn how it can help you.

Earning XP at Bingo Vault is important as this helps you rise through the levels and open up more features. This is very similar to other Facebook bingo apps that use XP and a vital part of the game.

Inviting your Facebook friends to play Bingo Vault means that you can help each other out by sending gifts. These kinds of actions will always reward you in some way and help you on your way through the levels.


There are no active tournaments at present at Bingo Vault but like many Facebook bingo apps, improvements are often on the cards and this is a feature that could be added at any time.


Every time you play Bingo Vault you will be rewarded. Firstly, you will receive Free Daily Credits for each day that you play. Credits are red chips with a ‘B’ in the centre and you need these to purchase your bingo cards. You will also be rewarded with these each time you win a bingo game.

You will also earn Coins as you play. Coins are gold and have a ‘$’ in the centre. You can trade these coins for credits if you are running low by clicking on the gold symbol at the top of your page. You will also see a green chip with a key in the centre. To date we have not been able to find out what these are used for but it could be something that will be required at higher levels so keep your eyes open as you progress through the XP levels.

Most importantly, every bingo game you play rewards you with XP. If you don’t make the most of the XP rewards on offer at Bingo Vault then you will not progress very quickly and will not open up the new features that keep your gaming experience exciting.

Bingo Vault Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Vault in play simply click the image below.

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