Bingo Time Review

Bingo Time - Facebook In March 2015 when we tried to play Bingo Time we were greeted with a message that said “Thank you for playing Bingo Time. This game is no longer available” The review below is for information purposes only.

Bingo Time is a Facebook bingo app that is very exciting to play and with plenty of monthly active users, it seems that it is one of the more popular applications. However, with all of the special features that come with Bingo Time, we are quite surprised to see that there were not many more people playing this game regularly.  The app is created by Arkadium, the name behind Bingo Charms – another Facebook game.

There will be a brief tutorial to show you how to play Bingo Time when you visit for each time which you can skip if you wish and although it will show you the basics, there is plenty more to discover about this Facebook bingo app and any other questions that you might have can be answered by clicking on the question mark symbol at the top right of your screen.

Bingo Time is game that requires that you have your bingo cards in advance. Sometimes you can earn these as bonuses and sometimes you may need to visit the store and purchase them. Your tally of cards that are available will be show on the page where you buy your bingo cards at the bottom right, so if you have 12 cards already in stock and you choose to play two cards on a game, your tally will reduce to 10. However, you could get free bonus cards when you are playing the game so you may end up with more cards that you started with. If your tally gets to zero, you will need to visit the Bingo Time store to purchase more.

There does not appear to be any major problems with loading or stalling with Bingo Time, so you should have a very enjoyable experience when you play this Facebook bingo app.


Bingo Time Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Like many bingo games and indeed with Bingo Time, the main object of the game is to get bingo and the tutorial that you will be taken through when you load this Facebook bingo app will show you the various ways in which this can be done. It will also show you that you will need to click the ‘bingo’ button at the bottom of your card if you do win and how to collect prizes if you mark off special squares.

Each time you mark off a number at Bingo Time, an XP meter to the left of your cards will rise, when it reaches the top you will get a bonus but when a number is called that you don’t have on any of your cards, the meter will drop.

Special Features

Bingo Time is one of those games where special features are plentiful and some even make the task of getting bingo easier. Firstly, the XP meter is probably the most useful in achieving this. When you top the meter you will be prompted to click on it to receive a bonus. This will usually put a bonus on some of the squares on your bingo ticket. This could be a feature to double your XP, or just a couple of numbers get marked off your cards to make achieving bingo a little easier. There are numerous bonuses that can come your way from here, so keep your eye on the meter prompting you to collect them.

You can also send gifts to your friends to help them along and they are able to send them to you too and a list of these can be found in the gifts tab at the top of your Bingo Time page.

If there is a downside to Bingo Time it has to be the fact that there is no chat available. This could be a big negative for such an exciting Facebook Bingo game that has real potential but hopefully as it grows in popularity it will be something that the developers may decide to look at.


There are no active tournaments at Bingo Time that we could find. However, like most Facebook bingo apps, you are able to invite your friends to play alongside you and they will be listed at the bottom of your Bingo Time Page along with their XP level as you bid you out score each other. You will also be able to see other players worldwide by clicking on the appropriate tab to see how you fair against those too.


When it comes to rewards they are plentiful at Bingo Time. As you will find out, you can get many rewards just by playing bingo, free cards, tokens, the list is endless and when it comes to this department. Bingo Time uses either tokens or Facebook Credits for all transactions and you can use these to buy a variety of goodies from the store. You can also purchase a bonus pack using either and as you learn how Bingo Time works, you will easily be able to see which of these bonus packs will work best for you.

Bingo Time Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Time in play simply click the image below.

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