Bingo Shopper Review

Bingo Shopper - Facebook Whilst we couldn’t find the game available on Facebook we were also unable to find Bingo Shopper in the App store.

Bingo Shopper is a Facebook Bingo app with just over 1,000 monthly active users that offers players 100% free play with no limits on how often or how long you can play for. Although Bingo Shopper was originally developed to be used by players in the US, it is clear once you enter the lobby that people from all over the world are expected to play this Facebook bingo app due to the fact that certain flags for different countries are displayed on different rooms.

Basically all this means is that if you enter a room at Bingo Shopper that displays the Italian flag for example, you will be greeted in Italian or French if it displays the French Flag.

There is a help section offered by Bingo Shopper that is available in the lobby. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to help you find your way around the game as it won’t. It merely gives you and email address so that you can contact the Bingo Shopper support team if you need to. So this is another Facebook bingo app that you will need to find your own way around, but this doesn’t normally prove to be a problem and is also the case with Bingo Shopper although it may take time to discover some of the features on offer with this application.

The game loads well and shows no signs of stalling, although some people have complained on the wall that they are unable to load the game or get email bonus codes to work. However, this was not the case for us.  In general, Bingo Shopper could be a little disappointing for those players who look for the ultimate entertainment factor when they play a game of bingo.

Bingo Shopper Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of the game as with most Facebook bingo apps is to get bingo. Bingo Shopper offers both 75 and 90 ball bingo and once you have purchased your tickets in a room and the game starts, this Facebook bingo app will display the pattern or lines etc that you need to cover to win. When you play at Bingo Shopper there is no need to worry about marking your bingo tickets or missing a claim if you get bingo as this Facebook bingo app does all of this for you automatically. The chat window is on the bottom left of the bingo room and you will see all of the other information that you would expect to find in any bingo room such as, your balance, the amount of players, card price and the prize on offer for the next game. Simply buy your bingo tickets and the rest is done for you.

Special Features

There are no special features available at this Facebook bingo app that we can find that will help you achieve your aim any more quickly or easily. But it could be that features will be added as this game becomes more popular so keep your eyes peeled on the wall for future updates. With a name like Bingo shopper you would be forgiven for expecting some kind of quirky shopping feature with this application but sadly this does not appear to be the case.


This is a Facebook bingo app that doesn’t appear to offer any tournaments at this time aside from the usual feature of inviting your friends to the game and playing against them. Again, keep checking the Bingo Shopper wall as this is also something that could be added at a later date.


The rewards at Bingo Shopper are fairly simple in comparison to some Facebook bingo apps. You buy your cards with points and you win points when you get bingo. As with most Facebook bingo apps, you will have free points in your account when you add Bingo Shopper to your games and you will also receive emails offering you a bonus, but some have complained that they are unable to get these bonus codes to work.

Bingo Shopper Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Shopper in play simply click the image below.

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