Bingo Shootout Review


With current total of 100,000 monthly active users, Bingo Shootout is a Facebook bingo app that offers a free bingo experience in a unique way. Rather than playing bingo against other Facebook users, you are playing against the clock to get the highest score that you possibly can. This will increase your Experience Level and open up new features.

There will be regular prompts in the form of a window above your bingo card that appear as you open up new features and these will tell you how to use the new features and what to look out for. A brief guide when you load the Bingo Shootout will show you how to play but as you are not playing with other users there is no chat available which is a feature that many bingo players look for.

Generally, good co-ordination and speed are the skills that are required to progress quickly in this game, so if you enjoy fast and furious bingo games then this Facebook bingo app could be for you.

Bingo Shootout is a reliable game that has presented no problems with loading or game play so far, making the gaming experience smooth and reliable.

Bingo Shootout Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Playing Bingo Shootout is always a learning curve and as previously stated, online prompts will teach you every step of the way. However, the basics of this bingo game are always useful to know before you start.

You will play with one bingo card only and each action when you play will earn you points and raise your Experience Points (XP). You do need to mark your card yourself at Bingo Shootout by clicking on any number on your bingo card which match any that are called. Speed is of the essence as you will be playing bingo against a 60 second clock. Each number you mark off  you bingo card will score you points and each time a number is called that is not on your bingo card you will need to click on the Star in the centre of your bingo card to continue. This action alone will score points and the quicker you mark off numbers or click the Star symbol the more points you will score in the 60 seconds. Power Ups will also become available as you progress and again, you are kept up to date with these and you can choose the ones that you think will help you achieve your bingo aim.

Things that will help you achieve a higher score with each game of Bingo Shootout that you play are; marking off as many numbers on your bingo card as possible in the time allowed. The more numbers you mark off in a row, the bigger your bingo score. Getting a line will get you a bingo and each one you get will multiply your bingo score for the remainder of the game. All progress is shown as soon as it happens so you know exactly where you are at all times.

Special Features

Special features are plentiful at Bingo Shootout and this is what makes this Facebook bingo app so exciting. The main features are those that come with Power Ups. Some of the early free features to look for at Bingo Shootout are little clock symbols appearing on numbers on your bingo card. Mark off a number with a clock and you will get extra seconds added to your bingo game which helps you to get a higher score. Wild Cards are also a feature and these are useful for marking of the numbers with Clocks on them. There are also Power Ups that you can buy and these become available as you increase your Experience Level. Before you start each bingo game you will be given the option to purchase the ones available to you if you wish to.

Each bingo game that you play will cost you one Heart. Invite your friends to play Bingo Shootout and you can send hearts to each other to keep you playing for as long as possible.


There is a weekly bingo tournament that you can take part in at Bingo Shootout and there will be a counter at the top left of your screen telling you when the next tournament will begin. Details of this will become apparent once the tournaments begin but you can also keep your eyes on the Bingo Shootout Community Page for details of updates and all the news involving this Facebook bingo app.


With so many special features offered by Bingo Shootout, the rewards are endless and increase over time. Aside from the XP that you earn and the rewards that come with this, you will also be rewarded with coins with each game that you play. Coins can be used to purchase your Power Ups. Each bingo game that you play will cost you one Heart. Hearts are replenished over time and you can also use Gold to buy them. Gold is rewarded and random when you play at Bingo Shootout. Again, keep your eyes on the Bingo Shootout Community Page for any updates to the game and what it offers.

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