Bingo By Ryzing Review

Bingo by Ryzing is a fantastic Facebook bingo app that is packed full of features that will keep all bingo fans amused for hours. With just over 40,000 monthly active users to date, This free game gives you the chance to not only play for fun using their virtual currency but the chance to play for real money but there are certain restrictions that have been put in place because of laws in the US.

Some of the games which offer real cash prizes are only open to those players who are residents in certain states within the US, so please check the official rules to make sure you are eligible before you play any games for real cash.

There is an extensive help section with a list of answers to all of the frequently asked questions at Bingo by Ryzing, but they also give video instructions for some of their answers to help you along so you should be able to get a good understanding of how this Facebook bingo app works fairly easily. Chat is also available in rooms and the game appears to run smoothly with no obvious loading problems or stalling.

Bingo By Ryzing – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with all bingo games, the object of the game at Bingo by Ryzing is to get bingo. However, we all know that how you achieve this can vary between different Facebook bingo apps. When you enter the lobby you will see a list of rooms to choose from but some of them have certain requirements to be able to enter. There are Blue Card games, Silver Card game and Gold Card games to choose from. Blue Card games are all virtual games which have no monetary value at all. These are the games which everyone can play. Silver Card games offer both virtual and real prizes and this is one game that you will need to refer to the Bingo by Ryzing official rule before you play, along Gold Card games which offer the same as silver but with the addition of Gold Bingo cards as prizes.

All games offered at Bingo by Ryzing are 75 ball pattern games and although you are not able to see from the lobby the pattern that you will be playing, when you enter the room this will be clearly displayed on the right of your page. Simply be the first to fill the pattern to win. However, some of the games at this Facebook bingo app also offer prizes to more players who fill their cards after the first but you will find also see this information on the right of your page.

Games are auto claim at Bingo by Ryzing, so you don’t need to worry about how many tickets you buy and whether you can manage to mark them all off. Although, there are some rooms offered by this Facebook bingo app that allow you to mark your own bingo cards and this can be visible in the Bingo by Ryzing lobby before you enter or in the room at the top right above your cards.

Special Features

There are so many features offered by Bingo by Ryzing we would be here all day explaining all of them, but with such an extensive and useful help section, it really isn’t too difficult to find out about them once you are there. However, we can tell you about some of this Facebook bingo apps most exciting ones.

Gift Packs are something offered at Bingo by Ryzing which allow you to send 100 Bingo Bucks to one player each day. Of course, you can receive these too, especially if you invite a lot of your friends to play this Facebook bingo app alongside you. A gift Pack can be found at the top of your bingo page on the button marked ‘My Stuff’.

Charity Votes is another great feature offered at Bingo by Ryzing. These are a great way to help charities win money. You can win Charity Votes by playing bingo games that offer Charity Votes as Prizes. You can then use them to vote for your favourite charities, the more votes each charity gets, the better their chances of winning.

Like most Facebook bingo apps, this one also gives you free daily Bingo Buck for logging into the game.


There are currently no active tournaments offered at Bingo by Ryzing, but with so many special features to this Facebook bingo app, this really doesn’t take any enjoyment away from the game in any way.


There are rewards aplenty on offer at Bingo by Ryzing but how you play and what you play will determine exactly what is available to you in terms of these rewards. This Facebook bingo app uses Bingo Bucks as its virtual currency which you can use and win in virtual games. But as you will have already read, there are many other rewards available when you play the different types of games.

You can also earn achievement awards for undertaking certain actions such as casting Charity Votes. These achievement awards will help you to access other bingo rooms offered that have certain requirements to allow a player to enter them. Track your achievements on this Facebook bingo app by clicking on ‘My Achievements’ at the top of the page.

Bingo By Ryzing Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo By Ryzing in play simply click the image below.

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