Bingo Island  Review


Bingo Island is a Facebook bingo app that has over 609,000 active monthly users, so it is a very popular game. There are lots of different features with Bingo Island so you can be sure that this is one game that you will never get bored with. There is an extensive frequently asked questions section, so getting grips with how the game functions and all of the different features shouldn’t be too difficult with this to hand.

The game appears to run smoothly and shouldn’t give you any problems with stalling, so you can expect the ultimate bingo experience with this Facebook bingo app. Chat is also available in each room, giving Bingo island a great sense of community that players enjoy.

Bingo Island Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

You can have a choice of rooms to play in at Bingo Island, when you open the application by clicking on one of the rooms in the lobby. Click play now and you will be directed to the next available game in any room. All games at Bingo Island are 75 ball games and the pattern that you are required to cover for each game will clearly be displayed in the room.

You are required to cover the pattern displayed to get bingo and win credits, which is the virtual currency adopted at Bingo Island which can be used to buy your cards. Your bingo cards are sometimes auto daubed with this Facebook bingo app but some rooms do not have this feature, so check on the list in the lobby before you enter a room. When you fill the required pattern on your card, you will need to click on the BINGO button on the top of your winning bingo card to claim, so make sure you can cope with the amount of cards you have or it could mean you may miss making a claim.

Special Features

Bingo Island does not offer any special features to help you achieve bingo however there are features with thisFacebook bingo app that you wouldn’t expect to find. There can be several patterns to play for with each game. Once the first pattern is won, the game then moves to the next pattern. The final game is a Blackout and credits are paid out to the first four players to call bingo. After the first person calls, Bingo Island then closes the game but draw a further five balls to make sure that the four winners are found.


There are currently no active tournament offered at Bingo Island, but you are able to invite your Facebook friends to play alongside you.


Rewards are plentiful at Bingo Island with the main being credits. Without credits, you won’t get far in this Facebook bingo app. These can be won by playing bingo or you can get bonus credit for certain achievements, these will be listed when you start to play.

You are also able to give and receive gifts, and this will help with the four attributes that each player needs to gain points for. These are popularity, skill, generosity and luck, to progress in Bingo Island you will need to increase your ranking in all four of these. You can regularly keep track of your progress in all of these by going to your profile from a button at the top of the application page. Here you will be able to see how you are performing in all of these attributes making it easy for you to focus on the ones which are not climbing as you would like them to. When you visit the gifts section to pick gifts to send, each one will tell you which attribute will be increased, allowing you pick the ones that will help you the most.

Bingo Island Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Island in play simply click the image below.

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