Bingo Hotel Review


Bingo Hotel is a Facebook bingo app that has around 400 monthly users at time of writing. We have to admit that although this is a Facebook app that offers free bingo games you do have to register and verify an account via email. Some people may find Bingo Hotel a little long winded compared to other Facebook bingo apps, but it really does only take a few minutes. However,Bingo Hotel is not one of the easiest Facebook bingo apps to get to grips with.

There is not tutorial or instructions of how to play and if you go to the help section to look for information you will find you need to submit a ticket with your query and wait for someone to reply. This is hardly practical when you are just starting and have so many questions that you want to ask. So with Bingo Hotel, you really are on your own when it comes to playing and finding your way around.

There are various rooms available at Bingo Hotel which includes 90 ball and 75 ball games and you will also find that there is one 30 ball rooms that offers bingo to those who prefer a quicker game.

There did not appear to be any problems with loading this application and we did not come across any stalling during the bingo games when playing at Bingo Hotel.

Bingo Hotel Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of the game as always is to get bingo but how you do this will depend of which of the Bingo Hotel rooms you are playing in. We started off on a promotional room which had been opened for Halloween, although as a promotional room it won’t be there forever. This seemed to be the room that everyone was heading for at the time as most of the others were empty. However, from the Bingo Hotel lobby you can see all of the rooms along with all of the information you will need to help you choose the right room for you.

When we entered the Halloween room it was pleasing to see that chat was available and everything seemed to be self explanatory, but it is not clear until the game start whether you need to daub your cards yourself. Thankfully, this room at Bingo Hotel was on auto daub so it was one less thing to think about while finding our way around. We did find that there is a choice in this room though and just above the call board you will see the option there which is just a simple check box. Auto sort is also an option you can change at Bingo Hotel too and well as muting the sound.

The pattern that you need to get for bingo will be highlighted in pale blue on your cards so you really don’t need to do anything at all with this Facebook bingo app. So while the game is playing you can take a tour around the room to see what features are available to you. All claim are automatic with this Facebook bingo app so there is no need to worry about missing out on a win.

Special Features

It was great to see that Bingo Hotel is more like a pay to play site than any other that we have come across for a while. At the bottom of the room below you bingo cards is the chat box. There are tabs across the top which allow you to hide the chat if you wish, or the window can also be used to play one of the many side games that Bingo Hotel has to offer.


Use the Promotions tab at Bingo Hotel to find out anything that is going on, such as chat game promotions, tournaments and competitions.


The rewards package was probably one of the most difficult to understand with this Facebook bingo app. You need to pay for your bingo cards using Bingo Bucks but they cannot be used to play any of the side games. We can only assume that because the Bingo Bucks are free daily credits, that the prize you win if you get bingo is a different kind of virtual currency which can be used for the side games. However, despite using almost all of our credits, a win was illusive so we weren’t able to find out.

There are 150.000 Bingo Bucks available on daily credits but these are not added automatically, you will need to claim them with this Facebook bingo app by clicking on the credits tab. You can also obtain more credit from your friends at Bingo Hotel, so invite them along and send them some and hopefully they will return the favour.

Bingo Hotel Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Hotel in play simply click the image below.

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