Bingo Heaven Review


Bingo Heaven is a Facebook bingo app that currently has around 30,000  monthly active users. This is actually a little surprising as this is not one of the easiest bingo games on Facebook to understand. Although Bingo Heaven does have a help section, this only covers how to play bingo which most players will know anyway. This Facebook bingo app also has a few little extras added to their game play.

There are no instructions or guidelines on how some of these work and the benefits of using them. So with Bingo Heaven it is very much going to be a case of learning as you go along.

Bingo Heaven does have great potential to be a much more popular game than it is currently but the lack of information is what seems to be letting it down at the moment, that and it is a cheap imitation of Bingo Blitz. Many players will find the need to find out so much for themselves is quite tiresome and decide to move on, but some may enjoy the challenge.

This Facebook bingo app was loading smoothly throughout our visit and the games all ran without any noticeable problems.

Bingo Heaven Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Your aim will be to win as many bingo games as you can and the rewards for this will become apparent the more you play. As a beginner, you will enter the bingo lobby in Florida and will be greeted with a page which tells you how much your cards will cost you for these Bingo Heaven games and how much you will win. There is no room choice but there are a selection of items for you to purchase and your aim will be to collect the whole set. It does tell you that you will get two daily credits when you complete the set of items, and Daily Credits are what you will use to purchase your bingo cards.

When you enter Florida simply click on play and your first game at Bingo Heaven will begin. When you first begin, you will only be able to purchase one card, but as your experience level rises, more cards will become available to you. Purchase the cards that are currently offered and you are ready to play Bingo Heaven.

This is where this Facebook bingo app falls a little short as there is absolutely no information anywhere that tells you what you need to get bingo. Whether you need to cover the whole card, four corners etc. However, after a little playing around, it has been established that you are actually looking to fill any one line on a bingo card. When you have completed a line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally click on the bingo button next to the winning card to claim your win.

You will only have a certain number of numbers drawn in which to achieve a win and a counter is displayed in the top left of your screen that will begin to countdown when the last 10 numbers are being called. Until that time Bingo Heaven will display the words Good Luck on this counter.

Special Features

Special features are plentiful at Bingo Heaven but as we have previously mentioned, understanding them and how they work is not straightforward.

You will notice that there are some special symbols on random squares on your bingo cards. Marking of one of these cards means that you win a bonus at the end of your bingo game and this will be revealed once the game has ended. However, a key is something that could be included in your bonus and it is not clear what these can be used for at present but it could be that a purpose for them becomes apparent in the higher levels.

You will also notice that a Power Up is charged at the top right of your screen when you mark a number off any of your cards. The reward for this is self explanatory as it will tell you what you get when it is fully charged. You are also able to purchase Power Up packs from the store, along with many other items, but the benefit of these is not clear. Again, it will be a case of try them and see what they do.


As far as can be seen there are no active tournaments available with this Facebook bingo app but Bingo Heaven does give you the opportunity to invite your friends to join your team. Sadly, this is another feature of Bingo Heaven where the benefits of forming a team are not illustrated.


On the surface it seems that Bingo Heaven is very generous when it comes to rewards but the lack of information on the special features means that it is difficult to establish exactly what all of the rewards are.

The basic rewards of Bingo Heaven are the credits which you use to buy your bingo tickets and you can also earn these for completing a collection that will be displayed in your lobby. Coins are rewarded for bingo wins and you can use these to buy items from the Bingo Heaven store.

Experience Points (XP) are awarded as you play and these will get you to higher levels and open up other areas to play, meaning bigger rewards for wins.

Bingo Heaven Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Heaven in play simply click the image below.

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