Bingo Hall Review

Bingo Hall - Facebook In March 2015 we revisited Bingo Hall on Facebook and were unable to find the app. It could be that the app is no longer available so the review below is for information purposes only.

With just over 500 monthly active users, Bingo Hall is a Facebook bingo app that can only grow in popularity as more players come across it, although it may be that they don’t revisit! Bingo Hall offers free 75 ball bingo games. There is an extensive help section available with this Facebook bingo app that will assist you in getting to grips with the game and rarely do we come across one as in depth as this one at Bingo Hall.

In saying that, it could be that as you progress through the game, you could come across something that isn’t detailed in the help section but you can certainly gain good basic understanding of the game when you start off, which is what everyone needs.

This Facebook bingo app loads smoothly without any obvious problems and we expect your experience here to be relatively trouble free.

Bingo Hall Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Bingo Hall couldn’t be an easier application to get to know, especially for those who have played online bingobefore. The lobby will show you a choice of bingo rooms that are available to you and these will depend on the experience level that you have reached at Bingo Hall. Ticket price, number of players and number of winners that there will be for each game are clearly displayed in the lobby of the Facebook bingo app which will help you to choose the room which suits you the best.

Once in the bingo room, getting started on your first game at Bingo Hall couldn’t be easier. A bingo call card, the chat window and what you need to do to get bingo are all displayed here. Simply buy your cards and wait for the game to start. Your cards are marked automatically at Bingo Hall and claims are also automatic which makes life much easier. Once you have got your cards just simply wait for the game to play and see if you get bingo in the specified amount of winners. If you are a Bingo Hall winner your name will come up in the winners list on the top right of your page which will also display how many coins you have won. What you need to do to get bingo at Bingo Hall will be displayed to the left of the winners list. With each game that you play you will see your experience level at the top of the page increase and this will eventually open up new rooms for you to play in at Bingo Hall.

Special Features

There are no special features available with this Facebook bingo app that will help you achieve bingo any quicker or easier. However, inviting your friends from Facebook is pretty standard with any Facebook bingo apps and you can do this at Bingo Hall too.

You can buy items from the shop as gifts and these can be given to your Bingo Hall friends or you can give them to yourself. We are unable to see any benefit of using these gifts at present, so use them wisely as you need to use your coins to buy them that you also need to buy bingo cards at Bingo Hall so if there really are no benefits of using gifts, you could see yourself out of coins and little to show for it.


Tournaments do not appear to be a feature that is offered by Bingo Hall but of course, competing against your friends to get through the experience levels can be just as much fun.


You will be rewarded with 200 coins for each day that you visit Bingo Hall and you will also receive them as a reward for the more friends you have playing this Facebook Bingo app.  Coins are used to buy gifts and bingo cards and you also get coins as your prize if you win bingo. You will also receive a level bonus when you reach a new level. So there are plenty of ways to get coins and keep playing at Bingo Hall.

As you progress though the Bingo Hall levels, certain levels will reward you with Medal Items. Unfortunately, we are not sure at this point whether these are of any benefit as we have not been lucky enough to collect one of these rewards yet.

Bingo Hall Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Hall in play simply click the image below.

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