Bingo Glam Review

Bingo Glam In March 2015 we revisited Bingo Glam on Facebook and were unable to find the app. It could be that the app is no longer available so the review below is for information purposes only.

Bingo Glam is not one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps with just 209 active monthly users to date, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good game to play. In fact it is a bingo app that has probably got more features than you are likely to find on any other and it seems to have two games rolled into one. Not only do you play bingo but you get to custom build your own rooms for people to play in.

It is actually surprising that Bingo Glam is not more popular but maybe it is just one of those applications people have not yet come across. The frequently asked questions section does give and extensive insight into the game and good explanations to any questions you may have and there is a tutorial that you can refer to at any time. The game runs smoothly and does not appear to have problems with stalling or loading with Bingo Glam.

Bingo Glam Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Enter the Bingo Glam lobby and you will be met with a choice of rooms to play in. There are rooms where you can daub your card manually but you may prefer auto daub as this allows you to buy more cards and not have to worry about how many you can manage. Simply scroll through the rooms in the lobby and pick one which you would like to play in. Use Glam to buy your bingo cards and match the numbers called on your cards to make the pattern indicated above your cards to get bingo.

When you have a winning card at Bingo Glam, click the word bingo on the bottom of the corresponding card to claim your prize. Clicking on the preview list in the lobby will list the rooms and tell you which ones are auto and which ones are not as well as other information such as the amount of bingo players in each room, the prize and the bingo pattern.

Special Features

Bingo Glam has an amazing amount of special features that you wouldn’t find with a standard bingo application, making this a game that you will never get bored of. Logging in daily will give you free Glam, which is the currency used to buy your bingo cards. However, games pay out in Game Currency, which is what is used to buy items to custom your room and send gifts to your friends. You will receive 10 free Glam for each day that you log in.

You are also able to vote on the rooms that other members of Bingo Glam have created and they can vote on your rooms too. Any room will need at least 300 votes to become a featured bingo room in the lobby, so the more votes you get, the more people will enter your room as it becomes more prominent. You will need to carry on getting votes to be able to stay in the lobby and remain in the top 10, so this is where inviting your friends to Bingo Glam could be useful for you. When your room does feature in the lobby, you will receive an automatic prize.

You also gain experience as you continue to use Bingo Glam which will rank you amongst any of your friends who use this bingo app. As your experience level rises, you will unlock more features to use in your bingo rooms.


There are no active tournaments offered at Bingo Glam but you are able to compete with your friends for rankings according to your experience level


Earn Game Currency by getting bingo which can be used to send gifts to your friends and buy items to decorate your bingo room. Glam is used to buy bingo cards and if your daily allowance is not enough, you can purchase more and the frequently asked questions will tell you how to do this. Bingo Glam indicates how much Glam you have with a G and Game Currency uses a $ symbol.

Bingo Glam Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Glam in play simply click the image below.

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