Bingo Fun Party Review

Bingo Fun Party - Facebook In March 2015 we tried to revisit the Bingo Fun Party but were greeted with a ‘Page Not Available” notification. The app currently appears to be unavailable.

Bingo Fun Party is a Facebook bingo app that is very popular with more than 63,000 monthly active users to date. Unfortunately there are no on screen instructions to help you along when you first start using this application and no help section to inform you of how this Facebook bingo app works. However, taking a few minutes to look around and playing a couple of games will give you the basics.

There are no obvious problems with stalling and this application appears to run smoothly.

Bingo Fun Party Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Not surprisingly the object of the game when you play Bingo Fun Party is to get bingo. When visiting the application to will be taken to the lobby and you will get a choice of rooms to play is. Information such as the cost of cards, number of players and game types are all shown in the lobby making it easy to choose a Bingo Fun Party room that best suits you. When you enter the room, simply cover the required pattern on your card and call bingo by clicking the green button at the bottom of you winning card. The prize that is on offer will be clearly listed in the room when you enter and this is usually in the form of jewels.

Special Features

This is a Facebook bingo app that has many features, again due to the lack of on screen prompts and help section you will need to learn exactly what these are as you go along. However, we can tell you that the Hourly Lottery clock timer that you will see counting down on the top right, is a feature at Bingo Fun Party that will give you free credits. You will need to be visiting the application when the clock comes to Zero though and you will be presented with three chests to choose from. Simply click on one and receive the free credits from Bingo Fun Party that are hidden inside.

You will also notice that when you are playing a game of bingo that periodically a game called Red-Black will appear over your chat screen. This is another feature at Bingo Fun Party that gives you the chance to win free credits. Simply predict whether the next card to be drawn will be red or black to win. The more correct guesses you make, the more credits you win with this Facebook bingo app. This game changes often and you might find yourself playing Hi/Lo as well.

Bingo Fun Party also allows you to invite your friends and build a team, which is a great opportunity to work as a team and also gives you the chance to challenge your friends.


There do not appear to be any tournaments offered at Bingo Fun Party but if you visit the wall of this Facebook bingo app, you will see that they regularly run contests that give you the chance to win even more credits. However, bear in mind that these are only brought to your attention on the wall and you will not be aware of these contests if you only visit this Facebook bingo app and play bingo.


The rewards for winning bingo games at Bingo Fun Party are Jewels. These can be used at the store to purchase items and get you even more free credits which are what you use to purchase your bingo cards. You will also get free credits each day that you visit this Facebook bingo app and the more days in a row that you visit, the higher you free credits rise each day. However, if you miss a day that you visit Bingo Fun Party, you have to start from the beginning.

The more you play Bingo Fun Party, the more experience you will get. This in turn will take you to higher levels and unlock more bingo rooms to play in.

Bingo Fun Party Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Fun Party in play simply click the image below.

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