Bingo City Live Review

Bingo City Live Whilst we couldn’t find the game available on Facebook we were able to find Bingo City Live in the App store.

Bingo City Live is a Facebook bingo app with around 600 active monthly users offering 75 ball bingo games. Be careful not to confuse this application with another called Big City Bingo. Although both are bingo games offered on Facebook and the names are very similar, they are in fact very different.

When you load Bingo City Live you will be greeted with a series of rooms to choose from. Before begin to play it might be a good idea to click on the ‘help’ tab at the top right. Here you will find some basic hints and tips to get you started. This guide is not extensive but there is enough information there to get you started on your first Bingo City Live game.

Something that you do need to bear in mind is that you have a choice between normal speed games and fast games at Bingo City live. You do have to mark your cards and call bingo manually, so it important to make sure that you do not buy more cards than you can comfortably manage as this may result in you missing numbers and as well as missing a win.

Overall, this is a Facebook bingo application that has presented no problems so far. The games are smooth running and the application loads quickly and does not appear to stall.

Bingo City Live Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Like any bingo game, the object of Bingo City Live is to get bingo. 75 ball bingo which is on offer here, usually requires you to cover a pattern to get bingo but there can be other variations too. The rooms listed in the lobby show all of details needed to help you make your choice of rooms such, the prize, game type and number of players. Once you have chosen a room to play in and clicked on it to enter you will see the pattern that is required to the top left of your page next to the Jackpot. You need to cover the numbers shown in white at Bingo City Live not the coloured numbers.

When the game begins the numbers will be called out and you need to mark any that appear on your bingo cards by clicking on them. If you cover the pattern required just click the ‘bingo’ button above the winning card to make your claim. Make sure that if you are playing for a bingo pattern that includes the free square in the centre of the cards that you mark this free square off. At the bottom of each bingo card it will display how many numbers you require to get bingo and if you don’t mark off the free square, it will say that you need one more number than you actually do, which could result in a missed claim.

This Facebook bingo app does not appear to display your balance anywhere obvious in the rooms. In fact, the only place that you can go to see your current balance is on your profile at the bottom of the page where your friends will also be displayed.

Special Features

There are not as many special features on offer here as you might find with other Facebook bingo apps. However, of those that are there, some are very unique as far as Facebook bingo games go.

Before a game begins you have the chance to win extra points by predicting whether the first number out will be a B-I-N-G or O. To the top of your bingo cards you will see the letters and just click on the one you have chosen and wait for the game to start to see if you are a winner.

If you are not the first person to call bingo then all is not lost as the game will then enter a bonus phase where five more numbers are called giving you another chance to win.

You are also able to change the colour of your dauber at Bingo City Live. To the bottom of the Call Board on the left you will see the choices of colours available. Choose your new colour by clicking on it.

Like other Facebook bingo apps, you are able to invite your friends to play Bingo City live with you and those that do join you will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

You can also visit the store to buy currency, but this will cost you real money and with free bingo games available here, it really isn’t necessary to do this to be able to carry on enjoying the bingo games.


Bingo City Live does not appear to offer any active tournaments to date but games are changing all of the time so keep an eye out.


The rewards system is a simple one which is what many of us find much easier to understand. You use your points to buy your bingo cards and you win them if you call bingo, it really couldn’t be any simpler than that.

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