Bingo Charms Review

Bingo Charms - Facebook In January 2015 when we tried to check the Bingo Charms app but were directed to a 404 page on Facebook. It would appear that the app is no longer available so the review below is for information purposes only.

Bingo Charms is one Facebook app that is very informative when it comes to instructions on how to play the game. There is still a little that you will need to learn as you go along. However, the instructions in the help section which you can find by clicking on the question mark on the top right, will get you off to a cracking start. Bingo Charms requires a lot of strategy and forward thinking to score high and you will rely on your skill to get bingo rather than a caller.

With almost 371,000 month users, Bingo Charms runs smoothly and no problems with freezing or stalling are evident at this time.

Bingo Charms Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with most bingo variants the object of the game is to get bingo. How you achieve this with Bingo Charms is very different to the game as we know it. Instead of relying on a caller to call numbers you will need to select a set of four charms. Each charm will represent a move on your bingo card and you will need to think carefully on how to use these to achieve your goal. Each board will feature a pattern and you will need to use your charm moves to move your flashing cursor onto the numbers marking out the pattern to mark them off.

You will need to pick your charms before the game starts and place them on your desk, how many you can pick will depend on your experience level. There are two types and you will only be able to use temporary charms once per round. However, permanent ones can be used as many times as like to help you score bingo. This is a game against to clock so speed is the essence to score high at Bingo Charms. To speed through each bingo card quickly you can click on the current number to move onto another one if you are not easily able to mark off a bingo number with your remaining charms.

Special Features

Bingo Charms will also feature bonus squares on the cards which you will need to move onto using your charm to activate the bonus. Multiple hits on these bingo squares can give big scores. You will also have a luck meter at the bottom of your bingo card. Each charm that you choose fills your luck meter but some charms are more costly than others. There is also an instant win feature with Bingo Charms which you will see at the top of your bingo card. Come back to play each day to play the instant win and win a prize.


There are no tournaments as such with Bingo Charms, you simply play against your friends to see who can achieve the highest score and the scoreboard is wiped clean every week for everyone to start afresh. Of course, those players with the most XP are those that will find it easier to achieve the higher score as more bingo moves will be available to them via their charms. So not only will it be a race against time win as many bingo cards as you can but also to increase your XP as quickly as possible to keep one step ahead of your friends. However, you are not able to form teams with your friends to play against other teams, but this does not in any way divert away from the fun that you can have when playing Bingo Charms.


Rewards come in the form of currency with Bingo Charms where you will earn Ladybugs and XP with each round that you play. This in turn will also earn you Leprechaun Gold, all of which can be used in the store to top up on your charms.

Bingo Charms Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Charms in play simply click the image below.

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