Bingo Blitz Review


Bingo Blitz, although a very enjoyable game to play, is not that easy to learn. The tutorial at the beginning is very basic and would probably serve you better if it were in form of prompts that appeared throughout the game to highlight all of the features and what they do as they happen in the game. However this does not detract from the impressive graphics and usabilty of this no cost application.

The Bingo Blitz game is complex in comparison to some of the other new bingo sites and to what is shown in the tutorial but the fact that you are able to refer back to the tutorial once you start to play, means you can refresh your memory, but you will still need to play and observe to learn how the game really works. This is however, a smooth running game that should give you few problems with stalling and has more than 228,000 active monthly users making this a very popular Facebook bingo app.

Bingo Blitz Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with any game the main object of Bingo Blitz is to get bingo. How you go about achieving this will depend on which room you play in. The more that you play Bingo Blitz the higher your experience level will become and as it rises you will get access to more bingo rooms. When you enter the room, the middle of the page will show where you can use credits to buy your bingo cards. Credits are the blue coins marked with a B.

How many cards you can buy at Bingo Blitz will again depend on your experience level. Once you have purchased you cards just simply wait for the game to play but you will need to mark the cards and claim bingo manually so make sure you don’t purchase any more cards than you are able to manage. The cards are 75 ball bingo cards and you need to aim to mark of all four corners or any line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If you achieve bingo simply click on the blue tab at the bottom of your card.

The Bingo Blitz Facebook app game pays out to more than one player who calls bingo but how many will depend on how many people are playing the game, but the average is about 25. Players who call 1st, 2nd or 3rd tend to getter higher rewards than those who call after. Once the amount of winners that are allowed to call on a game have called, the game then ends.

Special Features

Bingo Blitz has many special features that can help you to not only achieve bingo, but also help your experience to climb and give you access to other rooms and greater rewards. Every number that you mark off a bingo card will get you one experience point. In fact, the more than you play the quicker your experience will climb. You can use Power-Ups to help you achieve bingo.

This is a power that is shown in the top right of your Bingo Blitz screen and charges with each number you mark off your bingo card. Once full charged, you can click on this to use it which will then place a bonus onto your bingo cards. This could mean that some extra numbers are marked off your card to help you achieve bingo or it could be extra coins are awarded to you if you mark of the number on which they are placed. You will learn how these bonuses work as you continue to play.


Tournaments are available to play each and every day. You have five rounds to play in the Bingo Blitz Tournament and the aim of these is to get the highest possible to score in order to win free credits. If you top the leaderboard in the tournament then you will win 250 credits! Second place gets 150 credits, third place 100 credits, 4th -10th get 50 credits and 11th – 50th just 10 credits each. There are more credits given away on each and every tournament but we would be here all day listing them all!


There are a huge amount of rewards available with the Bingo Blitz Facebook Game, which is the reason you will want to play it more and more. Coins will buy you things from the store, these can be Power-Ups, keys or credits. Keys will be needed to open chests which are symbols that appear on your bingo cards. They can appear when you purchase the bingo cards or can be placed there buy a Power-Up.

Marking the numbers which have chests on them means you collect the chest and open it for a reward at the end of the bingo game. There is no limit to the number of chests you can collect per game, but you will need one key per chest to be able to open it. You can also use your coins to buy items and complete a collection for each room.

Complete a Bingo Blitz collection and you will be awarded with extra credits each day. You can also visit the store and convert credits into coins if you are running short of coins to complete a collection.

Bingo Blitz Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Bingo Blitz in play simply click the image below.

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